Where do the locals go mountain biking in Prague?

If you’ve cycled in Prague, you probably know that the city is quite hilly. The same can be said for certain neighborhoods in the suburbs and outside the city.

These areas are often favorite spots for Prague’s mountain biking community.

Trail Center Letnany

There is a new official single-trail in Letnany where there are four easy trails with some berms, small jumps and wooden obstacles. The total length of the trails is 5 km.


The forests around Točná airport are known areas for mountain bikers. There are plenty of trails in the woods and you can find them in many difficulties, from cross-country ski trails to enduro trails. The airport on the hill serves as a good base from which to explore the local trails, there is also parking if you need it.

Kunraticky Les

If you are looking for a place to go mountain biking with a family of beginners, Kunratický Les might be an option for you. The district is located not far from the city center and is well served by a cycle path. In the forest there is a bike path that follows the creak to Kunratice, but there are also many paths in the forest.

Try cycling to the ruins of a castle on the hill, it’s a great base to explore the area. There are a few good restaurants and outdoor cafes in the area, so you can connect the two in one great day.


In general, there are many places for mountain biking in and around Prague. The city is slowly starting to build official trail centers, but most places are just public forests and their trails and paths. For this reason, it is important to respect others, be careful of dogs, and be respectful in general.

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