Water prices will increase by 18.5% for the inhabitants of Prague

From January 2023, prices for water and sewage services in Prague will increase significantly. The price increase for this service will be 18.5%.

According to the new tariff, the cost of one cubic meter of tap water (including waste water) will increase by 20 CZK to 128.13 CZK, compared to the current price.

The company estimates that in 2021, the average Prague resident will spend around 113 liters of water per day.

This means that today every citizen of Prague pays about 12.22 crowns per day or 4,460 crowns per year for water and sewage. From the new year, the cost will increase to 14.48 crowns per day or 5,285 crowns per year.

This represents an increase of 825 crowns per person per year.

According to Tomáš Mrázek, spokesperson for Pražské vodovody a kanalizace (PVK), the company was forced to take this step due to rising costs.

In particular, the prices of chemicals, building works and materials, as well as electricity have increased significantly.

It should be noted that PVK is foreign owned. It is 51% owned by the French company Veolia and 49% by PVK. The length of the water supply network it operates is 4,444 km and the sewerage network is 4,760 km.

Water charges are user payment for water consumption. Water tariffs include the payment of drinking water abstraction. As the basis for billing water tariffs, information on the water clock about the water used is used. Waterclock is a customer-placed measurement tool.

Water tariffs are the payment for water supplied by the water pipe. It includes the price of water, the cost of its delivery and the supplier’s earnings. The obligation to pay vodne arose by running water through the tube connected to the water clock.

Sewer rates are charges for sewage removal and cleaning. The obligation to pay sewer tariffs arose at the time of the flow of water into the sewer. The obligation to pay sewer tariffs for the household arises at the time of discharge of waste water into the sewer.

The price of sewer tariffs is about half of the total price of water. The volume of sewage that the customer pays for sewer tariffs is made up of the volume of water that flew and came to the household, so from the information of the volume of water measured on the water clock .

Berta D. Wells