Thousands protest in Prague against COVID-19 vaccination mandate

A government decree making COVID-19[female[feminine compulsory shootings for the elderly and workers in certain sectors sparked a large protest in the Czech capital this weekend.

The outgoing government issued an order last week making COVID-19 vaccination a requirement for the 60-plus age group, as well as for medical staff, police, firefighters and medical students.

The ordinance was due to go into effect in early March, although it could end up being overturned as a new coalition government due to be sworn in next week opposes such a measure for the country’s elderly and could overturn it.

The current administration of Prime Minister Andrej Babis will be replaced by a new government formed by five parties that won the legislative elections in October, led by Prime Minister-designate Petr Fiala.

Officials said around 4,000 people took to the streets of Prague on December 12 after rallying in Wenceslas Square, one of the city’s main squares, to demonstrate against the new CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party) Politics.

The protesters, chanting “Freedom,” said they were not against voluntary vaccinations but opposed the government forcing people to get vaccinated.

“We are only against compulsory vaccination, which the government is trying to introduce with the support of the Parliament of Czech Republic“, said the organizers of the event, Prague morning brought back.

So far, nearly 60% of the people in this country of 10.7 million people have received the vaccine, compared to an average of around 66% in the European Union (EU). The Czech government has said it has been considering compulsory shootings for some time because of fewer citizens getting bitten.

People wave the Czech national flag as they take part in a protest against COVID-19 measures earlier this year in Prague on January 10, 2021. (Michal Cizek / AFP via Getty Images)

According to government data, more than 34,000 people have died from the CCP virus since the pandemic began nearly two years ago, and 2.3 million cases have been reported.

The country faced a new wave of infections earlier in recent weeks, although the number of new cases has been on the decline again for more than a week.

The Czech Republic’s government decree was announced as other European countries, including neighboring Austria, have already confirmed that it demand the blow for all citizens from next year.

Austria became the first EU country to impose a full lockdown this winter and announce the general requirement that the Austrians you have to be vaccinated against the CCP virus as early as February 2022.

Massive crowds of people have gathered across the country in recent weeks to demonstrate against both the lockdown and the upcoming vaccination mandate. Police said a protest in Austria’s capital Vienna drew 44,000 people over the weekend.

The Association Press contributed to this report.

Berta D. Wells