This weekend in Prague: Gourmet picnic and tribute to a Czech pop icon

Visit artists’ studios and interactive shows

Open Studios Prague and sculpture in Kampa

The second year of Otevřené workshop Praha (Open Studios in Prague) allows people to see various artists’ workspaces across the city the whole weekend. An English-friendly event is a multi-sensory performance that “offers an alternative to the excess of visual culture that surrounds us”. A collage of fragments inspired by the characters of Erben’s Kytice is a tactile experience for visitors offering objects, smells and stories to a small group of spectators. (Book at:

A new exhibition of important post-war Czech sculptors Eva Kmentová (1928-1980) and Olbram Zoubek (1926-2017) opens at Kampa Museum. Both extraordinary artistic personalities. It opens June 18.

It’s the last chance to see The worlds of Jindřich Chalupecký at the Prague City Gallery on the second floor of the Municipal Library. The retrospective ends June 19.

Explore underground Prague and piece together history

Opening of Kryt Folimanka and reconstruction of the Napoleonic wars

See inside one of Prague’s Cold War-era anti-nuclear shelters, Kryt Folimanka. Prague 2 opens the complex under Folimanka Park once a month, and the next time is June 18 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The network of tunnels and halls could support 1,300 people. Free admission, enter Pod Karlovem street.

Experience the Napoleonic Wars at Vojáci vs. Invalidovně (Soldiers in Invalidovna) June 18 and 19. The re-enactors will be in period French and Austrian uniforms, and there will be weapon demonstrations. Child-friendly tours (in Czech) are also planned.

Discover shorts and catch a new wave

Some Like It Short 7, Daisies, Aussie Film

Anyone can be the filmmaker Some like it short 7, at Bio Oko on June 17 at 8:30 p.m. It’s too late to get into your smartphone video, but you can watch others’ one-minute amateur efforts that were made for fun as well as slightly longer ones that competed for prizes.

The ninth edition Australian and New Zealand Film Festival takes place at Kino Lucerna from June 14 to 20. On the program, three recent films: the mystery “The Dry”, a post-apocalyptic thriller “Night Raiders” and the documentary “My Name is Gulpilil”.

The classic Czech New Wave film by Věra Chytilová daisies (Sedmikrasky) is at Edison Film Hub on June 18 at 9:50 p.m. with English subtitles.

Go to a gourmet picnic

Apetit piknik, Pivo Na Naplavce and Pool Party

More than 50 micro and mini-breweries will be represented at Pivo Na Naplavce (Beer in Náplavka) June 17 and 18. Entrance to the accompanying musical and culinary program is free, but if you want to sample the beer, you must purchase a special drink.

eat in Grébovka Park on June 18 to Apetit piknik, The main stage hosts cooking classes and raffles. There are also workshops and activities for children.

Get your feet wet Pool Party Manifesto on June 18, from 1 p.m.. The theme music is house, with mixtapes performed by DJ Fatty M and DJ TereSi.

Hike through the jungle or visit a summer scene

The Jungle Book and the Sold Bride

The Forman Brothers adaptation of The jungle Book keep on going this weekend at Azyl 78, a circus tent in Výstaviště. The performance was a few words in Czech but no real language barrier.

Director Alice Nellis’ new production of Czech classical opera The sold bride has divided critics, with people loving or hating the modern approach that transforms the village’s quaint history into contemporary high-rise buildings. You can judge for yourself June 17, 26 or 30 at the National Theatre.

Show “respect” to world music and rock legends

Guns N’Roses, Respect Festival, Tribute to Karel Gott

One of the great musical events of the summer is Guns N’ Roses with the support of Gary Clark Jr., at Letiště Letňany on June 18. So far on the tour, they’ve played about two dozen songs, including cool covers like AC/DC’s “Back in Black” as well as their biggest hits like “Paradise City.”

The 25th edition of Respect Day come to Rohanský ostrov on June 18 and 19 with a list of world music bands mostly from Africa or with an African influence in their sound.

More than 40 Czech artists come together for a Tribute to Karel Gott, giving renditions of his most beloved songs. Gott died in 2019 and the tribute, in progress June 19 and 20 at the O2 Arenahas been postponed several times due to the pandemic.

Celebrating Dads and Diversity

Open Workshop Festival, Lusófona Festival

Remember Father’s Day at Open Workshop Festival at Smíchovská náplavka on June 19. Workshops will help you learn new skills and trades, and connect with a network of people who fix things.

Celebrate Portuguese and Brazilian culture at Lusofona Festival 2022 at Vila Štvanice on June 18. Expect games, music, dancing, food, movies and theater.

Unearth fabulous finds at the flea market

LAVRS Market, Nusle Flea Market

Find second-hand treasures on LAVRS market at Pragovka Art District on June 18. The focus is on Czech brands and manufacturers. Stylists will be on hand to advise people. The parallel program includes music, workshops and visits.

Berta D. Wells