The new Durga arrives in the Autumn of Prague…

Rituparna Bhattacharya: The city of childhood is the first to know a lot. However, it is his right. But when the city of Ankora is the first to know something, then? This is how the city of Prague in the Czech Republic discovered the first Durga Puja of “Prabas”. Even in a country where Bengalis are much smaller than in other countries, holding a puja before the pandemic is over is quite surprising.

There should be no doubt that the puja would grow over time, starting with the organization of Sindurkhela at the Indian Embassy itself. The organizers hope that thousands of people will come to share the joy of this festival. Of course, not only the Bengalis will stay there, but all the communities will live there together. There is also a huge fuss around the puja committee magazine. As it is the first, many things remain to be settled. What is the overseas puja arrangement and word of mouth! So the order for one hundred and eight lotus flowers went to Vienna, as many other kinds of arrangements.

But not only Puja. Arrangements have been made to accommodate 150 students as part of social service. Here everyone is excited like a swing during Sindurkhela. The festival is one. It has many names, many tastes. There are only synonyms of happiness. Famous artists Nai or Asuk. The local brigade prepares to decorate the new puja. No one is behind on the beat and the lyrics. On the other hand, the puja committee organized a free food fair for all for two days. Puja by all, puja by all means, is the slogan. If there are four Bengali Durga Puja, it must happen! And this proverb seems to be floating in the air in Prague now. Mama can you sure hear?

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Berta D. Wells