The most popular tourist destinations in and around Prague

Central Europe has a lot to offer, even for the most experienced travelers. Take the Czech Republic, for example. It is a beautiful little country with a rich culture and beautiful nature. Any tourist would be lucky enough to spend about a week in a country like this, especially during the winter holidays. However, no matter what time of year you plan to visit Prague or other famous Czech cities, you won’t be disappointed.

Every city has something to offer for all tastes and expectations. But for now, let’s see what you can see and where to go. Here is the list of the most popular tourist destinations in and around Prague.

Prague castle

It is mainly in Europe that we can all enjoy the spectacular views of the magnificent ancient castles. The Czech Republic is no exception. Usually the very first tourist attraction that people see is Prague Castle located in the Czech capital. This means that you can’t miss this build even if you try. However, why would you want to try it? How often do we see a 1,000 year old castle perfectly preserved and open to tourists?

Prague Castle was the residence of all the rulers who claimed to own this area at the time. Recently it has hosted many Czech presidents who have lived in the castle, although the current president has chosen to live in a different location. Still, Prague Castle has a lot to offer everyone and is a rare opportunity to see the largest and one of the oldest castles in the world. Not bad is not it ?

St. Vitus Cathedral

Anyone who is not new to traveling through European countries knows his love for cathedrals. Well, the Czech Republic has come under a lot of influence from Western Europe over the past few centuries. This means that this county also has a magnificent famous cathedral. Saint Vitus Cathedral attracts thousands of tourists every year. No wonder why! You may think it’s a remarkable building just by looking at it from the outside, but wait until you get inside. Nothing can eclipse the magnificent stained glass windows or the beautiful ornaments inside the main hall.

St. Vitus Cathedral is almost as old as Prague Castle. First of all, it was built as a part of the castle. Later, however, the church was renovated and enlarged. Still, you can visit two places on our list at once, which is a great bonus. You can always learn more about the history of this place by contacting a professional online writing help before your visit to the cathedral. Knowing more about the culture and places you visit beforehand always improves the travel experience.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge is one of the oldest buildings in Prague that every tourist must see. In fact, you’ll probably be walking on it from your very first day in Prague, even if you haven’t planned on it. The point is that this bridge is located in the historic part of the city that attracts tourists the most. So all roads lead to this place anyway. However, once you are there, notice the beauty and power of this unique bridge. Keep in mind that it was built over 500 years ago and still stands. By the way, all Spider-Man fans have one more reason to visit the bridge, right? After all, this bridge was the site of a plot change in the film, which hardly anyone can forget.

“Church of Bones” in Sedlec

Those who want something more, something unusual, can always head to a small town near Prague called Sedlec and visit one of its world famous churches, known as “Bone church“, which perfectly describes what you are about to witness inside this building. Scary, eh? This Gothic chapel was built about six centuries ago. However, it would have been like any other another church from this period if there had not been a small exception.The interior decorations of this chapel are entirely made up of human bones.

Studies of these bones have shown that it took about two centuries to completely complete the decor of the church. Thus, the remains of around 70,000 people were collected and exhibited to decorate the rooms. As a result, everything inside the building is shaped (in a pretty creepy way) with only bones and skulls. We must therefore note that visiting such a place can be quite a daring experience and it is surely not for the shy travelers.

Final result

Why not visit this amazing country in the heart of Europe? Its streets speak of this country’s long and rich history better than any textbook. Of course, if you want to know more, you can always ask the professionals: “Can you, please, write papers for me about the history of the Czech Republic? Still, it’s better to see once than to hear a thousand times, right? Most of the towns seem both familiar due to all the western influences and yet so new and original due to Czech culture. Plus, the small size and excellent public transport system make it easy to get around a few cities before you have to get home.

Berta D. Wells