The most modern IVF clinic in Prague helps couples all over the world

Why can’t we conceive a baby? More and more couples are asking themselves this question.

EUROPE IVF is a state-of-the-art reproduction clinic based in Prague that helps couples From all over the world achieve their dream of having a baby. Thanks to its excellent long-term results, it has become a world leader in the field of infertility treatment.

The key is to ask for help – when things are not going well

The path to parenthood varies for each person – some women get pregnant immediately, while others try hard and nothing happens. But today we are going to talk about this last case, which is certainly no longer a rarity these days, because the number of infertile couples has increased in the world. There are actually several factors that contribute to this development. There is no doubt that in some cases you will be able to conceive the baby you dreamed of without the help of an expert.

Complete care

The European IVF clinic employs more than 30 specialists with long experience in the field of assisted reproduction. We provide full care to couples who come to us. Thanks to the work of experienced experts, state-of-the-art technology and technologically advanced approaches to assisted reproduction, we can provide a detailed diagnosis of the causes of infertility and thus offer the optimal treatment. In addition, any couple treated by us can benefit from advice in the fields of immunology, gynecology and andrology. In cooperation with the genetics laboratory, we also offer the possibility of preimplantation genetic test (PGT).

Everyone has their personal coordinator

The clients of our clinic are taken care of by a team of experienced coordinators, who accompany the couples from the start. They speak several foreign languages, Thus, most of our customers are able to communicate in their mother tongue. Waiting times at our clinic are short and the first consultation with the doctor can be done online. In 2022, we moved to brand new premises. These provide maximum comfort for doctors and patients.

Hi-Tech IVF Treatment

Our laboratory, equipped with the most modern IVF equipment in Europe, greatly contributes to our success; it includes an Embryoscope, which is a embryo incubator that creates an environment similar to the mother’s body. Unlike conventional monitoring in which embryos are handled, the embryoscope comes with an integrated camera and microscope, so the embryos do not need to be handled and are kept at rest at all times.

The intelligent KIDScore module can also assess the viability of each embryo, which greatly helps in deciding which embryo will ultimately be selected for transfer by the embryologist.

IVF with egg donation in Prague

Unlike some other countries, unmarried couples in the Czech Republic can also be treated for infertility, and if their own gametes cannot be used for fertilization, clinics offer the possibility of donor programs. These are donated eggs from healthy young women who undergo a series of tests. Their eggs especially help older women, for whom the use of donated eggs greatly increases the chances of success. The donation program is anonymous in the Czech Republic.

The social freeze and postponed parenthood

Thanks to the method of social freezing, we are able to help women and men to postpone their plans for parenthood. This method involves freezing eggs or sperm and storing them for later use. Sometimes it’s not a matter of someone’s will, couples can also opt for it due to health complications that interfere with their plans to have a baby. For example, before starting cancer treatment, it is very important to preserve eggs and sperm in their current quality.

Berta D. Wells