The first “health-oriented” kindergarten opened in Prague

A new health-oriented kindergarten has opened in Prague. It offers children a healthy and modern environment with lots of sunshine and fresh air.

Beránek Kindergarten is located on Novodvorská Street in Prague 4 and solves one of today’s biggest problems: the presence of unhealthy substances in ordinary buildings.

According to experts, very young children are particularly sensitive to the environment in which they spend their time. Sufficient activity in sunny and airy interiors has a positive effect on their mental and physical health. Such a space is offered by the “healthy kindergarten” Beránek.

Here, children breathe air free of carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, dust or mold. “The kindergarten is equipped with a forced ventilation system with heat recovery, thanks to which there is fresh air in the kindergarten all day without harmful volatile substances, which are usually excreted by the toys and furniture, and high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Thanks to the green roof and external blinds, the kindergarten does not overheat on hot summer days,” says Petr Valeš from JRD Development.

“The kindergarten is equipped with healthy full-spectrum lighting, which better mimics natural sunlight, and thanks to this, the children can concentrate better. The kindergarten is built to a standard of passive energy, so it is environmentally friendly and at the same time saves on operating costs,” added Valeš.

In the kindergarten there is a dining room, changing rooms, toilets and classrooms, which serve as both playrooms and bedrooms.

The building also has full spectrum lighting, which is more beneficial to human vision than incandescent lights. During construction, workers used formaldehyde-absorbing materials.

In addition, the green roof of the building contributes to the absorption of dust, to the improvement of sound and thermal insulation and to the development of local biodiversity.

There are 66 healthy apartments in this building, there is a playground, community gardens and smart benches that use solar power so people can charge their cell phones or connect to the internet while sitting.

“In all localities where we operate, we identify the needs of local people and try to provide such functions that will support the neighborhood and the emergence of the community. Therefore, we decided to set up a kindergarten. JRD is a company that has been pushing the standards of healthy and friendly living in the Czech Republic for twenty years, and we also discussed the design of the healthy kindergarten in Libuš,” added Petr Valeš.

Many hope that a further expansion of the metro system will better connect Libuš to the greater Prague area. At present, the kindergarten is only served by bus lines.

Berta D. Wells