The Daily Dozen: 12 things to know about Czechia today

1 Lipavský cited Havel at the UN

The principles of the United Nations are threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský told the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last night. Lipavský quoted Czechoslovak and Czech presidents Václav Havel and called on world leaders not to remain indifferent. He said the Russian invasion not only violated the UN Charter, but also seriously harmed the global economy, food security and international order. He then met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and discussed Czech-US relations.

2 The Czech government. announced a living wage increase

The government has agreed to increase the living and subsistence minimum from January, the Czech News Agency reported. Family allowances will also be increased. It is not yet known how much the minimum and allowances will increase, but it should be around 30%. Labor Minister Marian Jurečka said the coalition wants to wait for current inflation data from the Czech News Agency.

3 Municipal elections start this weekend

Municipal and senatorial elections will take place in the Czech Republic on 24 and 25 September. The result of the municipal elections will determine the next mayor and the next municipal council. They will also determine the composition of local district authorities. Elections will also take place for the senators of the districts of Prague 6, Prague 10 and Prague 11. Expatriate EU citizens can vote in municipal elections but not in the Senate. However, the deadline for registration has passed.

4 Czech baseball heads to World Baseball Classic

The Czech Republic qualified for next year’s World Baseball Classic yesterday, the Major League Baseball reports website. Czech players secured a 3-1 victory over Spain in the last game of the Regensburg qualifiers for the 2023 World Baseball Classic. This will be the Czech team’s first appearance at the World Baseball Classic. The feat is all the more remarkable as the Czech team is made up of local players who play in the Extraliga, whose matches only take place from Friday to Sunday.

5 Prague can honor Elizabeth II with a place; Turnov displays his jewelry replicas

The Bohemian Paradise Museum in Turnov will exhibit replicas of the garnet jewelry made for the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1996. The collection includes a necklace, a bracelet, a brooch, a pair of earrings and a ring. They will be on display until October 30. The copies were made at the same time as the original. In more royal news, the area around the English College in the Vysočany district of Prague may be called náměstí Alžběty II (Elizabeth II Square) in the future. The district approved the proposal but the final decision must be made by the Prague City Council.

6 And the title of Czech tree of the year goes to…

The annual poll for the Czech tree of the year (Strom roku) has been won by a 300-year-old pear tree in the village of Drásov in central Bohemia. The shaft is located about 25 meters from the shaft entrance of a uranium mine. The tree, which beat out 11 other finalists, was praised for its ability to survive in a harsh environment. It is the second fruit tree to win in the 20 years that the poll has taken place. The tree will now compete for the title of European Tree of the Year.

seven Czech bikers replace stolen motorbike from Chilean nomad

After the Honda Africa Twin motorcycle of a Chilean traveler on a world tour went missing in Prague, members of Prague motorcycling organized a fundraiser to replace the vehicle. The bicycle was stolen on the night of September 13 and Abel Rodriguez found some of his belongings in the trunks scattered on Voroněžská Street. People who responded to his now-deleted Facebook post gave him a new motorbike, repaired his damaged clothes, and gave him food and shelter. A donation bank account received nearly 250,000 CZK.

8 A small Czech village is thriving amid the global vinyl revival

The Czech village of Lodenice is at the center of a global vinyl revival trend, reports Deutsche Welle. Lodenice, with around 2,000 inhabitants, is home to the largest vinyl record producer in the world. GZ Media’s daily output is around 350,000 vinyl records, says CEO Michal Štěrba. In 1994, he pressed the same number every year. The total for last year was 56.5 million records. Artists they have printed for include The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and Ariana Grande. The US vinyl market recorded sales of 22 million units in 2020.

9 The archive presents historical maps of Prague

As part of the Czech EU Presidency, the National Archives in Prague 4 presents numerous maps and plans of Prague and the Czech lands from the 17th to the 19th century, as well as artifacts such as a gold and quartz coin from of a mine in Jílové u Prahy. The show titled “Czech Lands in the Middle of Europe” runs until October 30 and is divided into themes of what divides and joins Europe, as well as the impact of Bohemia on Europe.

ten Animal advocates call for cameras in Czech slaughterhouses

The new non-profit animal rights organization Zvířecí ombudsman (animal ombudsman) supports the introduction of video cameras in slaughterhouses, reports MEP Jiří Pospíšil established the organization in response to growing demands from the press and public regarding animal abuse. The organization also offers assistance in legal matters involving animals. Spain adopted cameras in slaughterhouses at the end of August to prevent the torture of animals.

11 On this historic day: Rudolf II was crowned King of Bohemia

On September 22, 1575, Rudolf II received the Crown of Bohemia in a ceremony held at St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. A year later, he succeeded his father Maximilian II as Archduke of Austria and also became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Rudolf II’s love for Prague made it the most important city in the empire and a thriving center of art. His interest in the occult also attracted brilliant minds from across Europe, such as astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler and several notable alchemists such as John Dee and Edward Kelley.

12 Ana de Armas fell in love with Pilates in Prague

Rising Hollywood star Ana de Armas recently told Vogue that a Pilates studio in Prague was what got her hooked on exercise while filming ‘The Gray Man.’ “I went to this beautiful Pilates studio very close to my hotel,” she said. “It’s in this beautiful old stately building on the top floor with windows over the river.” The action drama, which was Netflix’s most expensive film ever, used Prague both as itself and as four other cities: Bangkok, Baku, Vienna and Berlin.

Berta D. Wells