The Daily Bee: another racist incident in Prague and the WFS nearing full capacity

Hello, fear the wall. Happy friday.

Another day another racist soccer incident

At this point, it’s even hard to elicit shock or surprise from a story like this. We have seen so many incidents of supporters across Europe throwing racist epithets against black or brown footballers that I have almost lost track of them all. The incident took place in Prague, the same city where Rangers defender Glen Kamara was allegedly ill-treated by Slavia player Ondrej Kudela. Yesterday the incident took a different turn, this time at the home of Slavia rivals Sparta Prague.

Sparta had previously been punished for a racist incident between its supporters and Monaco, and therefore closed its stadium to anything but a group of around 10,000 schoolchildren.

The result has been a reality check for those who believe the next generation is uniformly progressive and devoid of fanaticism. According to multiple sources, as reported by The Guardian, Glen Kamara was booed almost every time he was touched by children in the crowd.

I would have liked to have had more comments or something positive to say, but unfortunately I do not have any for this extremely depressing story. A society in which children’s minds have been so twisted that they racially abuse a player is a society that seems almost beyond salvation. I have seen many supporters demand that UEFA do more to fight racism, but at some point what are they supposed to do? Ban stadium supporters in perpetuity until Czech society magically undergoes a complete overhaul and widespread racism is gone?

Even MORE fans to come back to the Westfalenstadion!

Okay, now for some good news. Just a week ago, we described how the BVB will increase the capacity of the Westfalenstadion to 50,000 due to the decrease in COVID cases. Now that number is increased again, to around 67,000. This will include about half of the 28,000 places standing in the Yellow Wall.

With this latest increase in capacity, the BVB takes one step closer to full capacity and the deafening atmosphere of the stadium we all know and love.

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