The 5 most influential TikTokers in the Czech Republic – and expat profiles to discover

TikTok is no longer a platform just for kids and teens. The video sharing app is now the fastest growing platform. It has one billion active users across 154 countries, making it the most popular social media platform in 2022.

TikTok’s spike in popularity happened simultaneously with the pandemic, as many latched onto the app for all their cooking, DIY, and educational needs. Its popularity in the Czech Republic, however, is only just beginning to gain momentum.

“In Central Europe, TikTok is increasingly seen as an app for children and young people,” Paula Kornaszewska, head of the platform’s Central Europe division, told Czech Forbes. The company intends to change that by focusing its efforts on the Czech market this year.

In 2022, the platform partnered with Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week and the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, and is currently one of the main partners of this year’s Prague Pride festival where it will sponsor make-up and dance workshops. with influencers.

TikTok may be just getting started in the Czech Republic from a business perspective, but several Czech creators (rounded up below) can already compete with the most influential TikTokers in the world. English speakers will also appreciate localized content from some expat influencers, mentioned below among the top five.

Czech Republic’s most followed TikTokers in 2022

1. Ondy Mikula @ondymikula, 38.8 million followers

Czech TikTok sensation Ondy Mikula is the number one creator among Czech and Slovak TikTokers. Its enormous success is a mystery to many. Mikula films mundane things, like mixing milk with skittles, doing tutorials on how to use filters or making simple drawings. While his videos reach millions of viewers, the content he creates seems to be most popular with younger audiences.

2. Anita Groowe @anitagrowowe, 4 million followers

Anita Groowe, a Czech TikTok star, rose to fame by sharing energetic short dances on her account. In 2022, Groowe attended a Roma culture festival in Hradec Králové where she performed some of her viral dances with a young audience.

3. CHIEF KOUDY @chefkoudy, 1.5 million followers

Chef Koudy is a Czech vlogger who makes a wide variety of videos about food, cooking and dining out. He uploads his videos to YouTube and TikTok where he gets millions of views and enjoys sharing humorous and relevant food content.

4. Annie Dvorak @anniedvorak, 1.2 million followers

Annie, daughter of famous Czech actor Jiří Dvořák, is currently the fourth most popular Czech TikToker. Just like her father, Annie also devotes herself to comedy in her short videos.

She mainly shoots them in English, which also makes her popular with foreign audiences. “I have the most people in the United States. Since I posted videos in English, the number of views has increased a lot. Maybe a hundred thousand a week!” said Annie in an interview for Czech Radio. In some of her most popular videos, she impersonates characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5. Adam Kajumi @adamkajumi, 1.1 million followers

Adam Kajumi closes the top 5 most popular Czech TikTokers. On his page, you can find all kinds of entertainment content – pranks, songs, anecdotes about his life and a seemingly lavish lifestyle that attracts the attention of many teenagers. At the start of the year, Kajumi received backlash for attempting to extort money from her mostly underage audience.

Although the most popular TikTokers from Czechia are not accessible to those who are not fluent in the Czech language, there are other creators on the app that provide localized content for Prague and the Czech Republic. Here are our picks:

@adri_mendez, 25K followers

Adri Mendez (adri_mendez) is a Costa Rican living in Prague. Her short videos in which she ranks the best Czech supermarkets and shares her difficulties in learning Czech will be relevant for all expats living in the Czech Republic.

@jeanieefrances, 46.6K followers

Jeanie Frances (jeanieefrances) is a ballet dancer who moved from the United States to Prague. In her tiktoks, she shares her cultural blunders, her experience with the new university and her impressions of studying abroad.

@tenmalyital, 6,279 followers

For those who love cultural comparisons, Raymi Britto (@tenmalyital) films fun short videos highlighting the differences between living in Italy and the Czech Republic.

Berta D. Wells