That’s why Prague is such a magical destination in winter

There’s not much to dislike about Prague in winter and when it snows the whole city turns into a true winter wonderland.

Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, known as the City of a Thousand Spiers, annually welcomes over 8 million visitors who flock to one of Europe’s most wonderful architectural gems. Thanks to its Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, Prague has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even if people spend an entire month in the city, they will not witness all of its rich and magical cultural attractions.

Prague is home to the largest castle complex in the world and one of the oldest bridges in Europe, the Charles Bridge, built in the late 1300s. In addition, the famous Astronomical Clock located in the Old Town Square and installed since 1410 still works to this day. Prague is a year round destination with a lot going on in this bustling city in all seasons.

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Prague, a wonderful destination all year round with a unique atmosphere in winter

While Prague hosts wonderful festivals throughout the year, such as summer music festivals, floating beer gardens, food festivals and the autumn wine festival, nothing beats majesty and the uniqueness of its Christmas markets, the one in the town’s old town square being considered one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Fortunately, Prague’s Christmas markets will continue into 2021 after the covid-19 pandemic subsides and high vaccination rates reduce the number of cases and deaths in the Czech Republic.

The Christmas holidays have been around for 20 years and welcome more than 600,000 tourists a year between the end of November and the first week of January. The main markets are held in Prague on the Old Town Square and the famous Wenceslas Square. Besides the magical vibes of the Christmas festival, visiting Prague during the winter season allows you to enjoy the city’s attractions with less crowds than in high season.

In addition, people will enjoy the beautiful snowy weather covering the city in a picturesque white scene never seen before. However, visitors should remember that temperatures can drop below 0 degrees Celsius throughout January in Prague. They are encouraged to wear thermal layers, a windproof winter coat, comfortable boots, warm socks, a scarf, gloves and a woolen cap.

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Prague’s magical Christmas markets, including the one in Old Town Square

With plenty of traditional Czech food and drink to savor and an atmosphere of unprecedented joy and celebration, Prague hosts around a dozen Christmas markets and magical festivals throughout the city every year, the most important of which takes place in Prague Square. old City. This market is home to the city’s main Christmas tree and a nativity scene in front of the astronomical clock around the Jan Hus Memorial. Tree lighting is a must and takes place on the first day of the festival, accompanied by lively music from 4.30pm to 9.30pm.

The market also has a stage that hosts Christmas carols, concerts, live performances and dance performances related to the theme of the event. People can also enjoy delicious food and drink during Christmas celebration in Old Town Square. Another attractive Christmas market in Prague is the one that takes place in Wenceslas Square and a short walk from Old Town Square. The Christmas tree in this market also lights up with beautiful music from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every night. People can eat delicious food at the decorated stalls and buy beautiful souvenirs and gifts.

The Havel Christmas Market is a year-round shopping center built in the 1200s between Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Other fascinating Christmas markets in Prague are worth a visit, including those at Prague Castle, Kampa Island, and Námestí Republiky.

Visiting Prague during the winter season is not just about the Christmas markets

While the unique Christmas markets that Prague hosts each year are one of the city’s most attractive and unique features, Prague is a magical destination in winter. The city turns into a skating ground during the coldest season of the year, and skating enthusiasts can practice their hobby on the ice rinks around Prague.

It is a good idea to practice ice skating for free at the ice rink in Victory Square or under the Žižkov TV tower. Other ice skating venues include the Letna Plan near the Sparta Prague football stadium. Plus, the best time to take photos of iconic Prague landmarks is during the winter season, when there are no crowds and white snow blankets the picturesque city. It would be wise to take an early morning walk around the city to take photos of the famous Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Hall and Letná Park.

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