Tehran and Prague explore avenues of economic cooperation

TEHRAN – The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran (ICCIMA), in a meeting with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Tehran, explored ways to expand economic cooperation between the two countries, the ICCIMA portal reported on Tuesday.

At the meeting, Gholam-Hossein Shafeie and Joseph Richtar highlighted the experiences of the two countries in the field of rail transport and water resources management and called for cooperation in these areas.

During the interviews, Shafeie described the Czech Republic as one of the most stable economies in Eastern Europe which has experienced significant economic growth over the past decade and has progressive investment laws compared to to other Eastern European countries.

He said that the conduct of joint projects for the manufacture of electric motors and dual-fuel cars was fertile ground for cooperation between Iran and the Czech Republic and continued, “The two countries can also invest in power plants. electric, the sugar industry, cement, crystal and sugar cane, in which they have had successful experiences of cooperation in the past.

Petrochemicals, automotive industry, machinery, mining, household appliances and energy were other areas mentioned by the ICCIMA mutual cooperation officer.

Richtar for his part announced that a delegation from his country was to visit Iran in January 2022, declaring: “Companies active in the fields of mining, food, health and heavy machinery announced that they were ready to cooperate with the Iranian side.

“From this perspective, as Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Iran, I try to participate in various exhibitions held in Iran and, while familiarizing myself with the existing capabilities in Iran, I pave the way for the establishment mutual relations between Iranian companies and the Czech Republic. Republic, ”said Richtar.

He expressed satisfaction with the possibility of holding a joint economic committee between Iran and the Czech Republic in the near future, adding: “Although there are a significant number of companies interested in entering the Iranian market; But due to money transfer issues, cooperation was not possible. Of course, the embassy is trying to find ways to revive relations between the two countries.

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Photo: Gholam-Hossein Shafeie, Director of ICCIMA (right) and Czech Ambassador to Tehran Joseph Richtar

Berta D. Wells