St. Louis Park, Robbinsdale schools cancel games with New Prague after alleged racism from fans

After the St. Louis Park hockey coach said one of his seniors was emotionally upset in the locker room after the game – the result of being the target of racist comments from the hockey team of New Prague – St. Louis Park Schools has decided to cancel all foreseeable events. future matches against New Prague.

In a Tuesday letter, St. Louis Park athletic director Andrew Ewald said his decision was also influenced by other racist incidents over the past month.

Recently, Robbinsdale women’s basketball coach Cooper said fans in attendance made monkey noises at his athletes during that game.

UPDATE: Robbinsdale-area schools also do not participate in any sporting events organized by New Prague, Superintendent David Engstrom announced Wednesday, to protect students and staff and take a stand against racism. Engstrom wrote, “This incident has caused trauma to the Cooper High School girls’ basketball team and the school community as a whole.”

In a statement after the women’s basketball game, schools in the New Prague area said, “We take these allegations very seriously and are asking an outside company to conduct a thorough investigation. If substantiated, the district will take action. prompt and appropriate action.”

A week ago, racial slurs allegedly made by a Minnetonka student sparked outrage at the high school.

The decision not to compete could continue beyond this school year or, as Ewald says, until the harm caused is repaired and they are assured that the students will not be victimized again.

Berta D. Wells