Racist incidents discussed at new Prague school board meeting

Are you prepared if disaster strikes your home?Fire, flood, natural disaster. If something happens to your home, are you ready? WCCO’s Adam Duxter explains why you shouldn’t wait to find out and what you can do tonight that could save you the heartache of tomorrow.

Good question: What causes different gas prices?Uncertainty surrounding the war in Ukraine is driving gas prices up, but how much we pay can vary dramatically from city to city.

Moment of silence held in Congress for Rep. HagedornCapitol Hill lawmakers bowed their heads Monday night in honor of a recently deceased Minnesota congressman.

MPD got 15 ‘unannounced entries’ since Mayor Frey bannedThe Minneapolis Police Department’s use of no-hit search warrants has come under scrutiny since an officer killed Amir Locke in a SWAT raid this month.

Racist incidents discussed at new Prague school board meetingResidents of a southern Minnesota town are calling for change in their community after accusations of racism at two high school sporting events.

Meet Hunter Lyden: Stillwater’s Best GrapplerThe State High School Wrestling Tournament begins Thursday with the Tag Team Championships. This is where Stillwater will seek to write the history of the school.

6:00 p.m. weather reportThis week presents several chances of precipitation in the form of showers and winter mixes.

Black-Owned Amazon Service Partner Creates Living Wage JobsA black-owned delivery service partner is recognized as one of Amazon’s largest, most reliable and accurate contractors.

The struggle to keep Minnesota group homes openJohn Lauritsen shows us how a Minnesota nonprofit is making changes to keep their group homes running smoothly.

Man charged with Coon Rapids homicide awaits extraditionA Coon Rapids man accused of allegedly murdering another man last week has been arrested in Nevada, Anoka County officials say.

Minnesota’s budget surplus climbs to $9 billionA $9 Billion Surplus in the State Budget – But Is It Enough for Minnesota? Caroline Cummings breaks down the numbers.

5:00 p.m. weather reportMeteorologist Chris Shaffer reports Monday’s above-average heat.

With warmer weather comes pothole seasonHere’s a look at what to expect on Minnesota roads this pothole season.

A path for black Americans to enter the medical fieldAs COVID-19 strains hospitals, Latasha Lee continues to provide a pathway for more African Americans to enter the healthcare field. Lee is a registered nurse and owner of the Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute (HHIHI) in Crystal.

Minnesota House passes law banning hair discriminationThe bill now goes to the Republican-controlled Senate, where the same legislation hit a wall two years ago.

Senator Klobuchar will meet with the Ambassador of UkraineShe says America must continue what it is doing to help Ukraine resist the Russian invasion.

Minnesota native describes life in UkraineJoe Whitcomb talks with WCCO-TV’s Kate Raddatz about what he sees from his Kiev apartment.

WCCO Digital Update: Afternoon of February 28, 2022Here are Minnesota’s latest headlines.

Moment of silence for Rep. Jim HagedornRepresentative Betty McCollum will lead her colleagues from the Nation’s Capital during the moment of silence.

Minnesota expects record $9.3 billion surplusAlready, Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are arguing over how to use it.

Minnesotans can now smoke medical marijuanaOfficials hope that because the flowers (or buds) are considerably cheaper than pills or oils, the drug will be more widely available to those who need it.

Klobuchar: Zelenskyy has become a “folk hero”The Minnesota senator said the Ukrainian president was doing the right thing by asking for help from other countries in the fight against Russia.

Feedback: what motivates you for spring?The change of season is only a few weeks away. Why are you excited?

A new twist on happy hourTavola Italian Kitchen and Bar recently launched an Aperitivo, an aperitif and a cultural ritual that marks the start of your evening.

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