Prague’s “Sour Beer Fest” will take place on June 22 and 23

Following the success of the annual Prague Beer Fest, Permanent Pragovka is launching a new festival next week dedicated exclusively to sour beers.

This smaller, more intimate festival promises its customers a wide choice of 9 sours, including an Ale, a Weiss and a lambic beer.

The variety is remarkable and offers beers otherwise hard to find in Prague. Combined with the atmosphere, this festival will not be missed.

Permanent Pragovka is a craft beer bar and garden located in Pragovka, the former industrial district of Prague 9 which has recently undergone a massive revitalization into one of Prague’s happiest artistic districts.

The bar, which has played a vital role in the rebirth of the neighborhood, was opened over 4 years ago and has been offering beer events to the community ever since.

The sea bass itself is contained in one of the two shipping containers, the other including a grill offering new versions of traditional Czech and American dishes, with burgers, fries, sausages and more.

Apart from its selection of beers, Permanent Pragovka is famous for its huge burgers which pair perfectly with any draft beer. The bar – beyond the festival-specific offerings – has 12 taps, mostly offering local Czech craft beers as well as a few imports.

The ambience is top-notch – right next to the Pragovka art district, there’s plenty of public art to enjoy and beautiful murals on site.

It’s hard not to remember the post-industrial bars that Berlin and Budapest are so famous for. Also, although it’s not in the city center, it’s right next to the Kolbenova metro station, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem.

While you’re there, the area is well worth exploring – it will inevitably start attracting tourists soon enough. The Sour Beer Fest is taking place June 22-23 and is sure to be a big hit.

Berta D. Wells