Prague’s new ‘Dining in the Sky’ venue unveiled

“Dinner in the Sky” is an incredible culinary experience combined with an exclusive environment, spectacular views, cuisine from renowned chefs, and all this up to 50 meters above the ground.

A crane lifts the table with 22 guests to a height of 50 meters above the ground.

When this event started in the Czech Republic eleven years ago, many conventional foodies were quite skeptical, suggesting that they didn’t need to be suspended somewhere in the air to enjoy delicious cuisine.

dinner in the sky began when Belgian entrepreneurs David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs conceived of this concept. It quickly spread to many major cities around the world, including Prague, where it was celebrated every September.

In its initial stages, dinner in the sky was installed in Kampa, before the crane and platform were moved to Riegrovy sady. This year it returns to the historic center along the Dvorák Embankment where a team of professionals, with a guest chef and a team of waiters, will serve from the center of the table.

Compared to last year, the main change is the chef. After the juror MasterChef Marek Raditsch, you can taste the creations of Pavel Býček, one of the key men of the starred Alcron restaurant in Prague and chef of his own restaurant. Restaurant in Holesovice.

Býček will prepare a beetroot tartare with brynza and hazelnut vinaigrette as a starter, followed by duck breast with foie gras, roast pumpkin and chestnuts as the main course. The whole thing is completed by a pear cake dessert.

This year the dates listed are September 1-4 and September 8-11, when several lunches and dinners are held each day.

dinner in the sky is by no means a cheap bargain. Lunch is the cheapest option – it costs 2,490 crowns per person, including drinks. On the other hand, a romantic dinner at sunset costs 5,850 crowns per person.

Tickets are available for purchase on the official website website.

Berta D. Wells