Prague’s first blue-green district combines modern design, sustainability and community


Nowadays, people don’t just look at the square footage when investing for the long term in buying an apartment. Equally important are now environmental sustainability and a strong local community.

Close to the waterfront in the southern part of Prague, Skanska creates a unique urban district focused on sustainability, innovation and good neighborly relations. The sale of the apartments in the project, which has already started, is limited to one apartment per owner.

“With this step, Skanska, as a responsible developer, seeks to support the goal for which Modřanský cukrovar is created – to build communities, neighborhoods and the cohesion of people with nature”, Lukáš Maděra, Director of Sales and Skanska Reality customer service, mentioned.

Modřanský cukrovar aspires to a high degree of BREEAM certification. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is an international certification method for the sustainability of buildings. It examines not only the construction, but the entire lifecycle of the building.

Almost all of the 800 apartments in the project will have blue-green infrastructure elements. These will help the environment by including nature in the construction process. Rainwater management, biodiversity, sustainable energy, improved air quality and reduced heat stress are all factors.

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Berta D. Wells