Prague urges citizens to participate in dry February

Prague urges citizens to participate in dry February

The campaign encourages people to give up alcohol for a month

On January 21, the Czech city of Prague announced its support for the Awareness campaign Dry February for the tenth year. Specifically, it urges citizens to quit alcohol for a month. In doing so, they will learn how its consumption affects them.

According to the municipality, the reason for the dry February campaign is the excessive alcohol consumption in the country. Commenting on this, Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib shared:

“I was happy to support the Dry February awareness campaign this year. Drinking alcohol in the Czech Republic is not something we should be proud of. Dry February is therefore an excellent opportunity to test the control we have over our alcohol consumption. Sometimes we forget that alcohol is also an addictive substance that can have very negative effects on the health and lives of others.

Benefits of cutting down on alcohol

On its website, the Dry February awareness campaign lists several benefits of reducing alcohol consumption. Some of them include getting sleep better, have more energy, lose weight, save money, clear your head and feel proud of yourself.

In 2021, 700,000 people across Czechia took part in the campaign, saying no to alcohol for four weeks. In the same year, a survey of 706 participants revealed that 53% of them reduced their alcohol consumption 4 months after the campaign. In other words, the impact of dry February lasted more than a month.

The director of the non-profit organization Dry February, Petr Freimann, invites people to participate in the campaign, explaining that those registered participants will have access to newsletters and books, which will help them achieve their goals. People who register will support not only the campaign but also the activities of the organization in the field of education and prevention.

Although the campaign is launched under the auspices of Mayor Zdeněk Hrib, it is national and supported by other regions, municipalities, companies and the police of the Czech Republic.

To participate in the campaign, register on the Dry February website.

Berta D. Wells