Prague swap event encourages people to quit fast fashion

Prague swap event encourages people to quit fast fashion

On January 15 and 16, residents of the Czech capital can exchange their unwanted items for another 20 coins

This weekend (January 15-16), residents of Prague can attend a exchange event at the Vzlet cultural center. There they will have the chance to get rid of their unwanted items and bring home 20 used pieces which will bring them joy.

Specifically, January’s swap event will allow people to dispose of their unwanted clothes and unwanted holiday gifts in an eco-friendly way that will also make others happy.

Understanding fast fashion

The rise of fast fashion made it possible to buy new clothes frequently and at low cost. Digitization has made this even easier as people can now buy multiple items from the comfort of their living room. It then follows that buyers are buy and throw away more clothes than ever before.

On January 15, participants of the exchange event will not only have the chance to exchange their belongings but also to watch the French documentary film fast mode: The true price of cheap fashion. As its title suggests, the film will show the impact of the fast fashion industry and how it affects our climate. Additionally, it will educate viewers about the devastating working conditions of fast fashion factory workers.

In addition to offering a film screening, the event will also offer several workshops and conferencesthat will inspire people to opt for more sustainable fashion.

Bring all unwanted items

Although the exchange event is primarily intended to promote the exchange of Clothespeople can bring adverse effects such as books, accessories and household items. The only rule participants must follow is that all items they bring must be in good condition.

Those who wish to attend the event and get rid of items that no longer bring them joy can buy a ticket online for 150 CZK (6.13 EUR). This will then allow them to take home 20 “new” coins.

Berta D. Wells