Prague launches a pilot project of refundable cups at selected events

The City of Prague, in cooperation with Prague City Tourism, is launching a pilot project of refundable cups for events organized at the Prague quays and at the exhibition grounds.

The aim is to promote the use of sustainable tableware instead of disposable consumer plastics. The city has allocated CZK 2.4 million for the project. After the test phase, the system will operate on a fully commercial basis, without any support from the city.

The City of Prague has launched the reusable cups project with the aim of strengthening the ecology of the city. Prague City Tourism was commissioned by the city to implement the test phase of the project and distribute the cups at events. This will run from September 2022 to February 2024.

At present, we have established cooperation with Prague Docks and Prague Exhibition Center. We live in a time when we have to think sustainably, that’s why we’re starting a pilot operation and providing a sustainable and eco-friendly version of refundable cups for some Prague eventssays František Cipro, Chairman of the Board of Prague City Tourism.

During the project, which will last 19 months, 50,000 reimbursable cups will be available. Throughout this trial period, event organizers can use the cups for free.

After the deployment phase, in early 2024, the city will evaluate the project and decide on the next steps. The graphic design of the cups, dubbed “For Sustainable Prague”, accentuates the city’s environmental intention. Also, the colors and symbols on the cups will be updated regularly.

The city is thus building on its previous measures to reduce the use of single-use plastics. Prague City Council has passed a resolution committing the city not to provide any form of support to events using disposable packaging and tableware from 2020.

All organizers interested in requesting assistance from the City of Prague are therefore obliged to replace cups, plates, etc. disposable by reusable alternatives.

A year later, Prague City Council also adopted a set of measures to minimize the use of single-use plastic products and avoid generating large amounts of waste. As part of this resolution, for example, only reusable or returnable tableware is now delivered at sporting, cultural, educational and social events for the general public, organized or sponsored by the capital, and waste is rigorously sorted.

With these measures, the city is fulfilling its Climate Commitment approved in June 2019 and taking steps to implement the principles of the circular economy.

Berta D. Wells