Prague expresses solidarity with Warsaw after missile explosion

Shock, condemnation and expressions of solidarity with Poland filled the country’s social media at news that the war in Ukraine had spilled over into NATO territory.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala tweeted that Czechia stands firmly behind its EU and NATO ally. “The Polish government is in session and security forces are investigating what exactly happened. We are ready to coordinate further measures with our Polish friends and we will take care of the situation within the EU” Mr. Fiala wrote. Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky also said Czechia was awaiting the outcome of a crisis session of the Polish National Security Council in order to get more information.

Defense Minister Jana Černochová tweeted that the explosion would be seen as an escalation of the Russian-led military conflict even if it was unintentional. We are fully on the side of Poland and Ukraine, which are being bombarded by Putin’s terrorist regime. Whether it was a mistake or a provocation, it is a further escalation of the conflict on Russia’s part and such an incident should not go unanswered,” he added. she wrote.

Meanwhile, Czech Army Chief of Staff Karel Řehka stressed the need to remain calm, wait for further information and carefully assess the facts. He said Wednesday morning on Twitter that the army was ready to support any operation decided by NATO.

Petr Pavel, former head of NATO’s Military Committee, currently a candidate for the Czech presidency, also called for a balanced approach to the crisis, saying it was essential to first determine what exactly happened.

Czech Interior Minister Vít Rakušan took steps to allay public concerns over the incident by saying on Twitter that the Czech Republic should not face a similar threat.

News that the conflict had spilled over into NATO territory came the same day the lower house of parliament designated Russia as a terrorist state, in a resolution that condemns attacks on civilians and key energy infrastructure in Ukraine. . MEPs also rejected the results of referendums on Russia’s annexation of four occupied regions in eastern Ukraine.

Berta D. Wells