Prague bans the use of advertising tarpaulins

Prague bans the use of advertising tarpaulins

He seeks to discover the beauty of historic buildings that otherwise remain hidden

Since October 1, tarpaulin advertisements no longer hide the beauty of Prague’s old and historic buildings. Since 2006, the Czech capital has banned the use of such advertisements in the historic city center; last year, he sought to extend that restriction and ban tarp ads in several surrounding neighborhoods.

In December, city management approved the extension of the decree, giving businesses nine months to adjust to the new rules. Today, the overall image of the Czech capital has changed with the official entry into force of the decree.

Three zones with different rules

The city of Prague has announced that the new regulation delimits three distinct zones. The first zone covers the territory of the Prague Monuments Reserve and has the strictest rules, the previous prohibitions remaining in force.

In the second zone, companies will be prohibited from installing advertising tarpaulins, using public transport for marketing purposes and distributing leaflets or posters. The third area will have all of the above limitations except for the distribution of materials.

To ensure that the regulations are easy to understand and follow, the City of Prague has created a website which divides the city into 3 zones. The Prague Geoportal website shows businesses where regulations apply to help them make marketing decisions. If they do not comply with the new rules, they can be fined up to CZK 2 million (EUR 79,000).

Preserving the beauty of the city

Culture advisor Hana Třeštíková noted that companies in Czechia do not consider the public interest when installing advertisements. In developing this, Třeštíková noted that Prague must follow the examples of other European cities, where the urban space is clean and beautiful.

Thus, she stressed that the City of Prague does not seek to ban advertising but rather to preserve the beauty of the city.

Berta D. Wells