Polish minister visits Prague to try to resolve Turów dispute – EURACTIV.com

The new Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, will travel to Prague on Friday to resume bilateral talks between the Czech Republic and Poland with the aim of unblocking the dispute over the Turów lignite mine.

“We were happy that she took this as one of her priorities after taking office,” said Czech Environment Minister Richard Brabec.

The Czech government remains optimistic as it hopes for an agreement to secure financial compensation for neighboring Czech villages which are negatively affected by mining in Turów.

“I dare say that the deal is basically ready if the new Polish leadership accepts the issues that have already been agreed,” Brabec said.

“The last major point we discussed was the notice period of the agreement. The last Polish proposal for two years was unacceptable to us, we proposed a considerably longer period, ”added Brabec.

In February 2021, the Czech authorities brought the case to the European Court of Justice. Several weeks later, the European Court issued a preliminary measure ordering an immediate end to mining in Turów. However, Poland refused to follow the decision and decided to continue mining despite a heavy daily fine of € 500,000 for failure to comply with the measure.

On November 9, the first hearing at the European Court will take place. Friday’s meeting of environment ministers is seen as the last chance to break the deal that could lead to the trial being withdrawn.

(Aneta Zachová | EURACTIV.cz)

Berta D. Wells