Pentagon chief to negotiate sale of F-35 fighter jets in Prague on September 8 – reports

PRAGUE (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – Aug 31, 2022) US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is expected to arrive in Prague on September 8 to negotiate the sale of F-35 Lightning fighter jets to the Czech military, it was reported on Tuesday the Czech newspaper Seznam Zpravy. , citing diplomatic sources.

The outlet has received no official public confirmation of Austin’s visit from the Czech Defense Ministry or the US Embassy in Prague, but its diplomatic sources said the Pentagon chief was due to arrive on September 8.

In July, the Czech government instructed Defense Minister Jana Cernochova to begin negotiations with American partners on the acquisition of 24 F-35 Lightning fighter jets.

Negotiations on the sale of F-35 Lightning jets, worth around 2 billion Czech crowns ($81 million), will be monitored by Czech ministers of defence, trade and finance, as well as by the country’s foreign minister, according to reports. exit. To date, the Czech Air Force has 14 Swedish Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighters on lease.

Austin is also scheduled to hold a meeting with Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, who would be invited to visit the White House later this year.

Berta D. Wells