Parimatch Tech opens a new headquarters in Prague

Parimatch Tech has opened a new European hub in Prague, Czech Republic, with the aim of expanding its business despite the war in Ukraine.

Previously, the Cyprus-headquartered technology provider centered its research and development (R&D) function in Kyiv, although it adapted that space into a co-worker facility at the start of the war in Ukraine. . At the same time, Parimatch also has collaboration centers in Lviv and Uzhhorod.

The opening of an office in Prague initially offers a workplace for employees forced to leave Ukraine, which will eventually become Parimatch’s new R&D center.

Parimatch Tech CEO Maksym Liashko said, “The opening of the Prague office continues our European expansion. Opening this hub and starting operations in the EU is part of Parimatch Tech’s long-term strategy to develop a global IT cluster.

“We are currently focusing on creating the best possible working conditions for our teams located in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to create a prosperous business environment and to ensure the safety and well-being of every employee and their families.

Eventually, Parimatch Tech hopes to expand the new center in Prague to accommodate up to 200 developers, providing technology and marketing solutions to its range of partners.

Tatiana Davydova, Chief Talent Officer of Parimatch Tech, said: “The Czech Republic is one of the most important European IT clusters, has the reputation of being a safe and comfortable country and offers strong potential for business development.

“Our employment priority will be to hire Ukrainian developers, but we also intend to work with the European talent market. One of the key projects that we intend to relaunch soon will be the Parimatch Tech Academy.

Berta D. Wells