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Why NonStop?

The simple answer to this question is: because we won’t stand in your way when it comes to your learning, your ability to earn money, and your opportunities for progress.

NonStop Consulting is not just any ordinary recruitment company. We also see ourselves as a training and development company. We have training programs available to support employees at all career stages that have been designed to keep you moving forward and so reach your career goals as fast as possible!

If you have experience in sales or business development, you will already have a good foundation in the skills needed to be a good recruiter. But maybe you were limited in advancement opportunities, like many of our existing employees before they joined.

We recognized this growing trend of career stagnation in other sales positions thereby creating an accelerated career path in management. It is a carefully designed training program with the goal of turning motivated, business-minded salespeople into successful recruiting business leaders.

Become a team leader

Even with only a few years of sales experience, we will consider you for a team leader-in-training position, which is the first step towards management.

Maybe you’ve had a little management experience before, but you’re not so confident with it. You may be able to jump straight into our full team leader role!

Initially, you can expect a two-week recruiting induction that should tailor your sales skills to recruiting. Once you’ve completed this step, get ready to dive into our management modules, including how to effectively analyze team performance, motivate your team, and grow your team as well.

Once you’ve completed this initial training, we’ll start helping you build a team, starting with maybe two or three new entry-level employees so you can use the skills you’ve learned.

You will be set a number of clear goals that will focus on your team’s growth, your personal performance and your team’s overall performance. Once the goal is achieved, you will receive a promotion and become a Business Unit Manager.

WINNINGS: Team leaders can expect a competitive salary depending on where they live. For London, that would be £30,000 to £40,000 a year. For Prague, which has a much lower cost of living, it would be 42,000 czk – 53,000 czk per month. Team Leaders also focus on billing, so earn up to 40% commission on all revenue they generate, which will really boost that monthly revenue. On top of that, depending on team goals and performance, there are annual bonuses of £5,000 to £20,000 regardless of venue.

Berta D. Wells