New York University in Prague: an American degree from Europe

Located in the heart of Europe with a maze of charming cobbled streets and hidden courtyards, Prague is a city made for wanderers. It has a lot to offer as the home of the classical composer Wolfgang AmadeusMozartthe setting of Franz Kafka’s books, and more.

Beyond music, literature and architecture, the city is also a paradise for international students. To New York University in Prague (UNYP)students can explore the best of Prague while earning a degree delivered entirely in English at one of the largest English-language higher education institutions in the country.

UNYP is made up of four schools: Company, Psychology, International relationshipsand Communication and media. They offer a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs to choose as Business Administration, child development, Digital Media Arts, International relationships, English language and literature and Political science.

“After experiencing both private and public universities, I know I made the right choice by staying at a private university,” says Petr Jirsa, an international relations student and student council representative. “For me, the personal approach is extremely valuable.”

He refers to the personalized attention he receives at UNYP. “At a state university, I felt like a small, unimportant part of a big educational machine. On the other hand, my private university allowed me to study in small groups of students, to have more space for my opinions and thoughts during class and to develop better speaking and debating skills,” he says. “In addition, the faculty and staff at the private university were always ready to help me with anything, making my studies easier and more valuable.”

A unique point of UNYP is its long history and partnership with universities in the United States – The State University of New York, Empire State College (SUNY, ESC) — as well as throughout Europe. This means that students can receive both a US degree and an accredited European degree when choosing a US bachelor’s degree program at UNYP.

The dual degree programs are recognized worldwide by U.S. and international companies, giving UNYP graduates a critical edge upon graduation. Additionally, earning a degree accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports provides graduates with opportunities for post-study work in the Czech Republic.

Source: University of New York in Prague

A distinctive business degree

For sports and business enthusiasts, UNYP offers a three-year business administration program with a concentration in sports management. Students who complete this program will receive a European Baccalaureate from UNYP which is accredited by the American International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT).

Elective courses cover sports marketing and sponsorships, sports psychology, sports law, sports coaching, sports management, facilities management, event management, nutrition and health.

UNYP purposely keeps classes small to encourage meaningful interactive discussions and to ensure that each student receives personalized attention based on their needs. Students will learn invaluable lessons from expert teaching staff who have work experience in their respective fields.

The compulsory internship in sports management allows students to put this new knowledge and skills into practice. These internships are hosted by a current or potential university partner, exposing students to the sports industry and relevant industry leaders.

Recently, UNYP became the official education provider of the Czech Olympic team. This strategic partnership will bring a host of exciting opportunities for students in the Sports Management program, including a dual-career program where UNYP will train Czech Olympic athletes after they retire from their professional sports careers.

Lucrative careers after graduation

UNYP alumni pursued their dreams by starting their own business. Listen to it from Michaela Milkovicova, a graduate in business administration. Even though it’s been years since she left UNYP, she still often thinks about how her upbringing here shaped her to succeed in her career.

“Many times I think about how UNYP helped me with my soft skills,” she says. “Working on projects in a multicultural group of people from different backgrounds, giving presentations in English to different stakeholders, but also a bit of the American ‘you-can-do-anything-when-you-decide’ attitude I find most valuable. Today, she works with Unilever as a Global Foods Strategy, Innovation and Operations Manager and continues to climb the corporate ladder.

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Berta D. Wells