New Prague Schools Respond to Social Media Posts

Prague’s new school district responded to two social media posts. One was an anonymous nationwide threat advocating violence against schools on Friday, December 17, which was shared on TikTok. The other media message was directed to New Prague and used a racial slurs that people “look at you behind”.
“Number one, when we received information about the national TikTok message, we contacted the New Prague Police,” said Tony Buthe, director of New Prague Education Services. He said the school district had also contacted parents to let them know of the TikTok message or “challenge”. Buthe said the New Prague Police Department informed them of the second media release. Police considered the post “disturbing, but not a threat.”
The school district worked with the New Prague Police Department and the Elko New Market Police Department to have additional officers in all schools so they could continue with classes on Friday. The district also had the help of a deputy or two of the Le Sueur County sheriff’s deputies, and the school district brought in additional adults from its staff on Friday.
“We are always very concerned and the safety of our students and staff is the priority,” said Buthe. He added that parents were allowed to make their own decisions about whether their children would be in school on Friday. Some decided to have their children in school, some parents called to inform the school district that their children would not be in school.

Berta D. Wells