Mixed-use development outside Prague uses material made from leftover bricks

Outside of Prague, the Sugar Factory, a mixed-use residential development with public space, marks the largest project to use the sustainable material Rebetong. Invented by Skanska, Rebetong includes fully recycled concrete and/or masonry, instead of natural aggregates. With Rebetong, buildings can be constructed from other end-of-life buildings, forming a circular economy. La Sucrerie is also the first project to use Rebetong for its façade.

The practice of architecture and urban design CHYBIK + KRISTOFin collaboration with Skanska, has just inaugurated the Sugar Factory, located on the site of a former sugar refinery. At 58,000 square meters (approximately 625,000 square feet), the project comprises seven blocks with 790 apartments. It also includes over 6,600 square meters (71,000 sq ft) of public space, including a multipurpose hall, brasserie, cafe, kindergarten and yacht club. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2030.

After extensive research and experimentation with different sizes, shapes and densities, the Rebetong material used for this project was made from leftover bricks, reflecting the industrial character of the site. In order for Rebetong to serve as a complete visual reminder of the area’s history, CHK proposed using the material not only for structural purposes, but also as an exposed facade. The project also preserves the chimney of the sugar factory, built in 1927, so that it can serve as a historical landmark and symbol.

“Valued for its historical significance and its ability to blend into the existing landscape, Rebetong acts as a functional and emotional link to the collective memory of the area, adding value to the local culture and community, while being a sustainably elegant solution,” the press said. statement said.

In the construction team:
Owner and/or Developer: SKANSKA Reality
Design architect: CHYBIK + KRISTOF
Reference engineer: Tomáš Chren, AED
MEP Engineer: ExPlan
Structural engineer: Recoc
General contractor/site manager: Skanska

Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF. Sugar Factory Drawings, Prague, Czech Republic. Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF.
Candy station 2
Courtesy of CHYBIK + KRISTOF. Visualization of the sugar factory, Prague, Czech Republic. Courtesy of Vivid Vision.

Berta D. Wells