Mayo Clinic in New Prague Expands Surgical Division | Jordan News

An enlarged surgical wing of the healthcare system at the Mayo Clinic in New Prague will begin offering new services this month.

The additional capacity will help the clinic serve more patients with complex surgical needs, the clinic said.

Martin Herrmann, MD, is the clinic’s medical director.

“The Mayo Clinic healthcare system has been very supportive of our growth in New Prague and it has been a very exciting time,” he said.

On November 15, patient care begins for general surgery and obstetrics and gynecology, according to a press release. Urology is expected to follow in 2022.

Last month, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery care were added to the clinic’s list of services, followed by the addition of facial and plastic surgery options this month.

The surgical expansion project marks the first phase of a major renovation underway at the clinic.

Surgical operations launched from this month will deploy various new technologies and equipment upgrades, including robotic surgery capabilities.

The project, totaling $ 4.5 million, includes a third operating room, the renovation of two operating rooms and three new private preoperative and postoperative rooms.

The final phase of the expansion is expected to be completed in January.

Herrmann, whose career spans nearly 30 years, said he has seen a lot of changes in hospital practices in small communities.

In New Prague, he said they were fortunate to be able to create local hospital programs that were both sustainable and complex, he said.

Some of the surgeons who will provide care at the New Prague site also perform surgeries in Rochester, according to Herrmann.

“We plan to bring some of our talent from Rochester to New Prague,” he said, adding that the New Prague location is more convenient for many Twin Cities patients.

“The main goal of the Mayo Clinic is simply to bring high quality health care to the area,” he said.

Berta D. Wells