Latest news: EPT Prague postponed

EPT Prague, which was scheduled to take place December 8-19 at the King’s Casino at the Hilton Prague, has been postponed until next year. The decision was made by PokerStars due to recent restrictions put in place by the government of the Czech Republic. The restrictions have been put in place again due to growing coronavirus problems in the country, which is facing a rapid increase in the number of cases similar to other European countries.

the European Tour of Poker (EPT) The event, which was scheduled to start on Wednesday, December 8, will now continue at a later date, when it is safe to do so. PokerStars has said it must follow government guidelines and make the safety of its staff and players a top priority.

Details regarding player refunds can be found on the PokerStars blog, which released the statement.

The announcement came just hours after PokerStars LIVE tweeted that they were reviewing the current situation.

Government of the Czech Republic announces state of emergency

On Thursday, November 25, the government of the Czech Republic announced a state of emergency due to the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country. It was reported that there were over 25,000 new cases as of Wednesday, November 24.

It follows similar patterns and comes at the expense of neighboring countries Austria and Slovakia, imposing their own blockages.

Cultural, sporting and educational events have been imposed with a cap of 1,000 people while restaurants and bars will operate under a 10pm curfew.

EPT Prague 2019: Mikalai Pobal goes down in history; Becomes the second double EPT champion

Postponement marks two years without EPT


It was not until around September 2021 that PokerStars confirmed that the European Poker Tour reportedly returns to Prague after two-year hiatus. Longtime poker series fans will have to wait a little longer for their favorite series to return, with 2020 and 2021 going unabated.

EPT Prague was to host several events, the main attractions being the 1,100 € EPT National, 5.300 € EPT Main Event and 10,300 € EPT High Roller.

EPT Prague History

EPT Prague has a rich and storied history dating back to December 2007. Since then, the festival has grown into one of the most popular stages of the European Poker Tour.

Dated Event Participants Main event winner Country Price
Dec-07 EPT Prague 555 Arnaud Mattern France € 708,400
Dec-08 EPT Prague 570 Salvatore Bonavena Italy € 774,000
Dec-09 EPT Prague 506 Jan Skampa Czech Republic € 682,000
Dec-10 EPT Prague 563 Roberto Romanello UK 640,000 €
Dec-11 EPT Prague 722 Martin finger Germany € 720,000
December 12 EPT Prague 864 Ramzi jelassi Sweden € 835,000
Dec 13 EPT Prague 1,037 Julien track Germany € 725,700
Dec-14 EPT Prague 1,107 Stephen graner United States € 969,000
Dec 15 EPT Prague 1,044 Hossein Ensan Iran € 754,510
Dec-16 EPT Prague 1 192 Jasper meijer van putten Netherlands € 699,300
Dec-18 EPT Prague 1,174 Paul michaelis Germany € 840,000
Dec-19 EPT Prague 1,154 Mikalai Pobal Belarus € 1,005,600
Mikalai Pobal wins EPT Prague 2019 Main Event
Mikalai Pobal wins EPT Prague 2019 Main Event

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