La Donuteria in Prague launches new savory donuts. And it’s already a success

Stanislav Virdzek has a lot on his mind. He is co-owner of The Donuteria in Spalena Street.

In addition, he and his business partner Lukas are also responsible for development in the Czech Republic and oversee the growth and expansion in the country of the brand, which is one of the fastest growing in the world and already has more than 7 locations just in the country.

Nevertheless, he still comes almost every morning at 5 a.m. to make the donuts. “You know, with the high standards we have for ourselves and our product, we take this very seriously,” he says.

Despite the hard work involved in both running the store and overseeing expansion to other locations – the new branch opened less than a week ago in Hradec Králové – he still enjoys the job. “It’s very difficult at times, but what makes it rewarding is that people come back and are happy. The feel and the look on people’s faces is the best,” he says in Prague Morning.

Even famous Praguers cannot resist the delicious attraction of La Donuteria. Pavel Hoftych, the famous football player and coach, comes with his family.

Stanislav says he comes with his daughter and granddaughter, who often decorate their own donut. “We just give her a cream-filled donut and let her decorate it herself. She will put a heart out of strawberries or chocolate and she is always very happy with it. She walks out of the kitchen with a huge smile on her face.

Now the main thing on their minds is a new line of savory and savory donuts that is being launched.

“We started recently. We used to have two flavors: Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Nachos and now we’ve added more so we have 5 recipes and one that’s vegan. At the moment we are trying to fine-tune another vegan recipe,” says Stanislav.

Additionally, there is also a BLT option (bacon, lettuce, tomato) which is grilled with dijon mayonnaise. Although many fillings or toppings themselves are not vegan, all of the dough is made from a special vegan flour, exclusive to La Donuteria, and they offer over half a dozen vegan options for their sweet donuts.

Stanislav says it has changed the way people come to the store. “People come here for lunch, especially the regulars. Some of our guests come back for breakfast 2 or 3 times a week.

At the moment, savory donuts are only offered in the morning, before 1:00 p.m., as they are made to order. Prices vary from 69 to 108 Kc.

Check them out on Facebook or in person at Spálená 23.

Berta D. Wells