Klitschko meets with the mayors of Warsaw and Prague who arrived in Kiev to express their support for Ukraine

Mayor of Kyiv, head of UDAR Vitali Klitschko met with Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib and Mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski, who arrived in Kyiv to express their support and solidarity with Ukraine, as well as to discuss Kyiv’s accession to the Pact of Free Cities with Klitschko, press service of Kyiv City State Administration reported.

During the meeting, Klitschko noted that the visit of mayors of European cities is very important for Ukrainians and for him personally.

“Today is a very dramatic moment for my country. Ukraine, throughout its independence, has never faced such a threat. A threat to its statehood, its territorial integrity, its citizens. We are a peaceful state and a peaceful people. And we do not threaten anyone. But we will protect our freedom and independence, our land from any aggressor. And today, the support of every partner, every friend of the Ukraine and Kyiv is important to us. And the broader and stronger that support is, the more deterrence there will be for Russia to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the likelihood of which is very high today,” Klitschko said.

He thanked his colleagues and noted that the very fact of their visit to Kyiv at such a dramatic time is proof of support and assistance. He called it symbolic that the signing of the Free Cities Pact is being discussed at the moment.

“It is symbolic that today we are discussing the possibility of Kyiv signing the Pact of Free Cities, which was established by the mayors of Budapest, Bratislava, Warsaw and Prague in Budapest on December 16, 2019. The pact aims to protect and to promote the values ​​of freedom, dignity, democracy, the rule of law and social justice. For the defense of rights and the strengthening of local self-government. And I am convinced that Kyiv, sharing the values ​​of the Covenant free cities, should adhere to it!” Klitschko pointed out.

Prague Mayor Hřib noted that he, together with his Polish counterpart, arrived in Kyiv to show their support and solidarity with Kyiv and the people of Kyiv.

“We are convinced that Kyiv and Ukraine must have the right to choose their own path. Kyiv must remain a free city. Ukraine – a free state. Russian aggression against Ukraine is unacceptable!” he underlined.

Warsaw Mayor Trzaskowski also stressed solidarity with Ukraine.

“Kiev and Warsaw are sister cities. We came to ask you: how can we help you? We are with you. As a nation and as a city. Ukrainians are the largest foreign community in Warsaw. to the development of our city. We appreciate it. . And we are very concerned about the events unfolding in Ukraine. Poland is the first country to have recognized the independence of Ukraine. We have always been friends and are always ready to help,” he said.

Berta D. Wells