Jennifer Hartswick, Paul Hoffman, Al Schnier, More

the Innovative Giving Enhancement (IGE) Musical and artistic immersion program will travel to Prague, Czech Republic in 2022 with a lineup of musicians including Jennifer hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), Paul Hoffmann (Greensky Bluegrass), Al schnier (moe.), and more. The international travel / music program takes place May 13-22.

Also on the bill for IGE’s return in 2022, the singer-songwriter Peter Rowan and his Railway land group mates Todd sheaffer and Tim Carbon. Hartswick will have a familiar TAB company alongside the saxophonist James casey and trombonist Nathalie Cressman. Hoffman will also have a few compatriots from GSBG on hand, including the bassist. Mike Devol and dobro player Anders Beck, in addition to a frequent collaborator holly bowling (Phantom light). The range also includes Nicki bluhm, Matt butler, Scott’s Law, Grahame lesh, Lindsay Lou, Elliott Peck, The new master sounds, and more.

“In Prague, attendees will witness once-in-a-lifetime musical collaborations of IGE Music Ambassadors with a wide range of European multi-genre stars,” a statement said. “Conceived as a cohesive multidimensional installation and designed with our local friends and non-profit partners, we will move from the jazz hall to the synagogue, from the rock theater to the cathedral, from the castle to the vaudeville boat, from the nightclub to the old pub. ”

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The IGE 2022 excursion to Prague follows previous international excursions to Lisbon, Barcelona and Venice. It will also be Hoffman’s fourth time as a Music Ambassador.

“An IGE immersion is unlike any musical excursion you will participate in,” he said. “It’s incomparable to any vacation; becoming a community in a foreign country to appreciate culture, art and music is the way to get to know a city like you can never visit it alone. On Immersions, you’re both a traveler and at home with a group of like-minded people.

Visit the IGE website for more information on the 2022 trip to Prague, and scroll down to see full lineup.

Berta D. Wells