Informal Meeting of Heads of State or Government, Prague

Agenda Highlights

EU leaders will meet in Prague to discuss the three most pressing and interrelated issues facing the EU, namely Russia’s war in Ukraine, energy and the economic situation.

Leaders will continue discussing these topics at the next European Council in Brussels on 20-21 October 2022.

This informal meeting of the European Council takes place after the first meeting of the European Political Community on 6 October 2022.


EU leaders will discuss the The EU’s response to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the continuous escalation of the Kremlin, including the organization of a national mobilization campaign, the false coercive “referendums” and the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. In their statement of September 30, 2022, EU leaders strongly rejected and unequivocally condemned illegal annexations.

Our solidarity with Ukraine and its people remains unwavering. We will continue to strengthen our restrictive measures to further increase the pressure on Russia to end its war.

President of the European Council Charles Michel, letter of invitation 2 October 2022

In this context, EU leaders will discuss how to continue providing support to Ukraine, including economic, military, political and financial support, as well as how best to protect our critical infrastructure.


Russia’s war against Ukraine is having a dramatic impact on the energy situation in Europe, with a knock-on effect on the economy. In this context, EU leaders will discuss how to ensure security of supply and affordable energy for households and businessesespecially for the coming winter.

As part of the talks, EU leaders will assess decisions already taken in this regard, including a package of energy measures aimed at reducing demand for electricity and collecting and redistributing excess income from the energy sector. end consumers, on which EU energy ministers reached a political agreement at the end of September.

In light of the discussions, EU leaders will also provide guidance for further reforms and measures to ensure a well-coordinated European response.

Economic situation

EU leaders will discuss how to address the economic challenges stemming from Russia’s war on Ukraine and its impact on energy. In this context, coping with high energy prices, supporting growth and jobs and protecting vulnerable consumers high energy bills are the main concern. In this context, EU leaders will discuss how to coordinate policy responses in a spirit of solidarity and defense of common interests.

Berta D. Wells