Hydra Technologies will showcase its capabilities at the Future Forces Forum (FFF) in Prague.

Hydra Technologies S45 Baalam UAS

We are very happy to participate in such a renowned exhibition, and even more happy to present our effective products to the military forces who need them.

As part of this year’s exhibition in Prague, the combat-proven S45 Baalam unmanned aerial system, with its armed version and traditional intelligence reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting solutions, is part of the Hydra offer. to the defense and security market which will be exhibited in the Czech Republic. As a novelty, Hydra also offers synthetic aperture radar (SAR) solutions on its special operations and coastal security and naval ISR platforms.

The S45 is a tactical, twin-engine, 70-mile or 120 km line-of-sight system with an operating ceiling of 17,000 feet and 12 hours of effective mission time. It is equipped with state-of-the-art gimbal camera systems that include mid-wave infrared and high-definition visual spectrum sensors with up to 130X zoom. The S45 also offers multiple solutions to support ground forces through advanced on-board radio repeater systems and state-of-the-art remote video terminals.

Future Forces Forum is one of the most recognized and valued trade shows in the world. The show focuses on finding a variety of solutions to current and future problems of allied nations and their partners’ objectives within the framework of national and global security. The Forum addresses the latest trends and needs in defense and security and helps achieve the much sought after interoperability in the joint joint operations environment.

“The Forum represents a huge opportunity for Hydra and our commitment to bringing creative and proven solutions to customers who will benefit from them in this important market,” said Ivan Vazquez, Chief Marketing Officer of Hydra Technologies. “We are very happy to participate in such a renowned exhibition, and even more happy to present our effective products to the military forces in need.”

Hydra Technologies has been providing such proven solutions for 15 years to a multitude of countries. These include the traditional ISTAR solutions the company is known for, as well as new expandable platforms manufactured by Hydra. Other models in Hydra’s family of reliable twin-engine drones include the S50 (16-hour endurance), S55 ARES (22-hour endurance) and G3 (10-hour STOL single-engine endurance).

These systems have been successfully deployed to various military, national security and law enforcement end users, achieving the highest reliability ratings in the market. This exhibition will show that Hydra continues to broaden its horizons in the region.

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