European Poker Tour returns to Prague after two-year hiatus

Start packing your bags, poker fans, because PokerStars European Tour of Poker (EPT) is back!

Almost two years after the last EPT live, the festival returns to Prague from December 8 to 19 at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. The full program has not yet been released, but a 1,100 € EPT National, 5.300 € EPT Main Event and 10,300 € EPT High Roller have all been confirmed.

“We are delighted to welcome our community back to our live poker experience with one of our most famous and beloved poker tours,” said Severin Rasset, Managing Director of Poker at PokerStars. “It has been so long in coming and we have worked tirelessly and carefully monitoring the situation so that everything is done for a safe return to live events and a great experience for our players.

“The health and safety of players and staff is of paramount importance and we have a number of measures in place to ensure that all participants feel comfortable and confident.”

EPT Prague 2019: Mikalai Pobal makes history; Becomes the second double EPT champion

Masks, Vaccinations and Negative Tests

Although the event will not take place for a few months, PokerStars confirmed that several Covid-19 security measures will be in place for EPT Prague.

Players and spectators must wear a face mask when entering the casino. They must also have their temperature scanned and show proof of vaccination Where a negative test.

Improved cleaning will also take place, with social distancing measures, personal protective equipment and disinfection stations located around the casino.

EPT Prague History

EPT Prague has a rich and rich history dating back to December 2007. Since then the festival has grown into one of the most popular stages of the European Poker Tour.

Dated Event Participants Main event winner Country Price
Dec-07 EPT Prague 555 Arnaud Mattern France € 708,400
Dec-08 EPT Prague 570 Salvatore Bonavena Italy € 774,000
Dec-09 EPT Prague 506 Jan Skampa Czech Republic € 682,000
Dec-10 EPT Prague 563 Roberto Romanello UK 640,000 €
Dec-11 EPT Prague 722 Martin finger Germany € 720,000
December 12 EPT Prague 864 Ramzi jelassi Sweden € 835,000
Dec 13 EPT Prague 1,037 Julien track Germany € 725,700
Dec-14 EPT Prague 1 107 Stephen graner United States € 969,000
Dec 15 EPT Prague 1,044 Hossein Ensan Iran € 754,510
Dec-16 EPT Prague 1,192 Jasper meijer van putten Netherlands € 699,300
Dec-18 EPT Prague 1,174 Paul Michaelis Germany € 840,000
Dec-19 EPT Prague 1,154 Mikalai Pobal Belarus € 1,005,600
Mikalai Pobal wins EPT Prague 2019 Main Event
Mikalai Pobal wins EPT Prague 2019 Main Event

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