Czechia has the third highest inflation rate in the EU

May 18, 2022

ECONOMY Record inflation in the EU, Czechia is the third highest

Inflation in the European Union hit a record 8.1% in April, three tenths of a percentage point higher than in March, the Eurostat report suggests. The Czech Republic has the third highest inflation rate among EU member states, at 13.2% in April. The only countries exceeding the Czech inflation rate are Estonia (19.1%) and Lithuania (16.6%).

Energy (+3.70 percentage points), services (+1.38 point) and food, alcohol and tobacco (+1.35 point) contributed the most to annual inflation of the euro area. Non-energy industrial goods contributed 1.02 percentage points.

prague Residents of Prague’s Konev Street can comment on its name change

Residents and businesses on Konev Street, which is named after controversial Soviet Marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev, can state their position on his possible renaming in a poll that the Prague 3 District Town Hall will organize d ‘by the end of May, said the spokesman for the town hall. . The street possibly bears the new name of Karel Hartig (1833-1905), the first mayor of the local district of Žižkov.

CYBERCRIMINALITY Czech Roads Directorate website inaccessible after cyberattack

The website of the Czech Roads and Motorways Directorate (RSD) has been inaccessible since the cyberattack it faced on Tuesday morning, as well as the website containing information on the situation on Czech roads for drivers, said the RSD spokesman Jan Rýdl. It is still unclear when they might start operating, he added.

ECONOMY Inflation, real wage to fix health care payments for publicly insured

The Czech government will propose an indexation of the health insurance contributions that the state pays for the publicly insured according to the calculation basis increased by inflation and half of the growth in real wages, said the Minister of Finance Zbyněk Stanjura and Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek. As a result, it is estimated that the state will pay CZK 1,878 per person per month next year, which is CZK 111 more than this year.

POLICE Prague police rescue barricaded man threatening suicide

Prague police intervened on Na Slupi Street where a man, under the influence of addictive substances, barricaded himself in the apartment and threatened to jump out of the window. A police negotiator managed to dissolve the situation, and the man had voluntarily opened the door and renounced his intention to end his life after speaking to the negotiator.

TRAVEL Kazakhstan’s low-cost airline launches flights to Prague

Kazakh low-cost airline FlyArystan launches flights on the Aktau-Prague-Aktau route. Flights will operate from June 12 on Sundays, with an additional flight on Thursdays from July 6, 2022. Prague is the first European route on FlyArystan’s international route map.

TRAFFIC Beginning of the demolition of the Barrandov Bridge

Due to the demolition of a bridge ramp, traffic will be removed from two lanes to one for ten days, beginning May 18. The first ten days are expected to cause the most difficulty for motorists, with Strakonická Street being the main bottleneck. Rehabilitation of the 1983 bridge, which is part of the city’s ring road, began on Monday and will span several years. This year, the works will last 110 days and will cost CZK 594.5 million. Learn more about avoiding traffic during repairs here.

May 17, 2022

POLITICS EU Presidency in Prague will focus on the Western Balkans

The upcoming Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union should focus on the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said today after their talks at the Villa Kramar in Prague. Nehammer said the Western Balkans should not be forgotten because of the war in Ukraine. Fiala said that progress in the European integration of the Western Balkan countries is in the interests of Czechia and Austria.

Czechia plans to organize a summit with representatives of the Western Balkan countries. Fiala also said that he supports Ukraine’s EU membership, but the process must meet all the conditions required in the interests of EU countries and Ukraine.

The two leaders also discussed energy security and the possibility of expanding Austria’s ability to supply oil and natural gas to Czechia. Nehammer called Czechia an important partner, but he reaffirmed Austria’s opposition to the expansion of nuclear energy in Czechia. The Czech Republic will hold the rotating presidency of the EU from July 1 to December 31, 2022.

TECHNOLOGY Roads and Highways Directorate websites hit by cyberattack

The Czech Roads and Motorways Directorate (ŘSD) was hit by a cyberattack on Tuesday morning. It took the ŘSD website and offline. A telephone hotline was also unavailable. The websites contain, among other things, traffic cameras from all over the Czech Republic and information about the current traffic situation. The ØSD confirmed the attack on Twitter, but said its security, monitoring and toll systems were isolated from the websites and were fully operational. The incident is being handled by the National Agency for Cybersecurity and Information Security (NÚKIB).

ECONOMY Head of ČNB: rate hikes have curbed inflation

Governor of the Czech National Bank (ČNB), Jiří Rusnok, said that if the ČNB does not raise interest rates, inflation in the Czech Republic will now be at least 20-25% and the rate of koruna exchange would be 30 CZK for one euro. Year-on-year inflation reached 14.2% in April and reached its highest level since December 1993. The koruna exchange rate is now just below 25 CZK per euro. In support of his statement, he mentioned Estonia, which he said is a relatively stable eurozone country, has zero interest rates and does not have to deal with the effect of the exchange rate, but has an inflation rate of 19%. Rusnok’s term as governor will end at the end of June. He will be replaced by current bank board member Aleš Michl.

INNOVATION Czech Railways plans to buy hydrogen trains

Czech Railways (ČD) and train builder Alstrom presented a hydrogen train engine at the Hlavní nádraží in Prague. Hydrogen trains will replace diesel-powered trains as part of the Czech Republic’s clean mobility plan for the future. “If we want to guarantee emission-free transport services … then we have to look for an alternative to these [diesel] trains,” said ČD CEO Michal Krapinec. Most railway corridors in the Czech Republic are not electrified, so trains have to move on their own. ČD said it plans to purchase several dozen hydrogen trains, and an analysis is underway. to see which lines are suitable.

ENVIRONMENT Study: The Czech environment is the fifth worst in the EU

The state of the environment in the Czech Republic is the fifth worst in the European Union, even though the country spends above the EU average on environmental protection. The country’s ranking in the environmental section of the Czech Prosperity Index is the most affected by drought and high greenhouse gas emissions. The Czechs have done better in reducing municipal waste generation, ranking 15th out of 27 EU members. Sweden had the best environment in the EU, while Cyprus had the worst. The index was compiled by Česká spořitelna in cooperation with Evropa v datech.

ECONOMY Škoda Auto starts manufacturing battery systems for electric cars

Škoda Auto has started producing battery systems for fully electric cars at its main production plant in Mladá Boleslav. It is the only production site for battery systems for the Volkswagen Group’s modular electric car platform in Europe, excluding Germany. Škoda has invested around CZK 3.2 billion in the production line. Up to 250,000 battery systems will be produced annually in Mladá Boleslav and around 250 employees will work on the new production line. In addition to Škoda cars, these battery systems will also be used in other models such as Audi and Seat cars.

Berta D. Wells