Czech Open 2022, 30 years of elite competition in Prague!

The largest adult floorball club tournament in the world celebrated its 30th anniversary this year in 2022. The Czech Republic Open took place the previous week from Thursday to Sunday and had its first event in 1993. Teams from Elite clubs from across Europe are returning to the Czech capital after two years of pandemic disruption. This year’s 30th anniversary celebration was also accompanied by a video documentary on the history of the tournament.

The Czech Republic is one of the most important nations on the world floorball scene. Several floorball tournaments are held there each year, including the Prague Games and the Prague Masters. The Czech Open is the most international club floorball tournament in the world and since its inception in 1993, the event has hosted up to 4,300 participating teams from over 30 different countries. . There were 6 different categories this year, from the men’s and women’s elite level, featuring teams from the top 4 floorball leagues in the world, to the men’s and women’s open division allowing any team and ability to enter and to play! In total, teams from 14 different European countries participated with approximately 2,500 floorball players taking part in the Czech Open 2022!

The Czech Open tournament also celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022! In honor of this achievement, a documentary showcasing the history and significance (as well as memorable moments!) of the Czech Open tournament has been created by the organizers.

The results of the Czech Open are as follows:

Men’s Elite Final: Tatran Strešovice (CZE) defeated Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (SWE) 7-2.

Women’s Elite Final: Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (SUE) beat IBF Falun (SWE) 6-3.

Men’s Open Final: miserable legs (CZE) defeated FBC Intevo Třinec (CZE) 5-2.

Open Ladies Final: TJ Sokol Kralovské Vinohrady (CZE) defeated BÁBOVKY (CZE) 6-3.

Men’s Pro Final: RIG Umeå IBF (SWE) defeated FS Masters (LAT) 6-5.

U21 Men’s Final: Tatran Strešovice (CZE) defeated Zug United U21 (SUI) 7-3.

The elite men’s final which closed the event on Sunday night saw the Czech first division team Tatran Strešovice defeated Pixbo Wallenstam IBK of Sweden. The Swedish team Pixbo ended up with their winning goalkeeper, Lara Heini, on the bench for the men’s final as starting goalkeeper Jon Hedlund had to leave the competition early. Lara, who is part of the Swiss women’s national team, was called up to play on Sunday morning before the women’s final and took the victory with her women’s team Pixbo against Falun before getting dressed later for the men’s final, ready to play on the spot. of the new titular goalkeeper, young Albin Flojner.

Pictures by Matyas Klapa

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