Czech morning headlines: Driver dies after Prague-bound train collides with locomotive

June 27, 2022

accident Driver dies in train collision in Bohumín

A Czech locomotive driver died this morning when a Pendolino train traveling to Prague crashed with a moving locomotive at Bohumín near the Polish border. A staff member of the Pendolino train was slightly injured. Four CD Cargo workers on the switch motor also suffered injuries, including concussion and leg or hand injuries. There were 16 passengers on the Pendolino and none of them were injured. The Czech Railways Administration said on Twitter that the circumstances of the crash were under investigation.

cybercriminality T-Mobile suffered a service outage on Sunday due to a cyberattack

Telephone company T-Mobile was struggling with numerous service outages on Sunday. Customers had issues with mobile data and calls, they couldn’t call the customer line, access the company’s website, or run the My T-Mobile app. At night, the company announcement that he was facing a cyberattack. It has taken over operations of basic services, such as calls or mobile services, and continues to troubleshoot issues with the My T-Mobile app and internal systems.

travel Dozens of Czechs stuck in Barcelona this weekend

Dozens of Czechs found themselves stranded in Barcelona over the weekend, news server reports. Low-cost airline Eurowings canceled its flight on Friday without explanation. Passengers eventually had to make their own arrangements to return to Prague. The search for alternative connections was complicated by a strike in France, and some people were unable to return until Monday morning.

Energy Coalition parties want to tax energy companies

Most parties in the ruling coalition support the introduction of a special tax for energy companies that produce electricity from coal and nuclear energy, according to Czech television findings. The reason for this is soaring energy prices and rapidly increasing profits for energy companies. In the first quarter of this year alone, the parastatal ČEZ, the largest Czech power generation company, tripled its net profit year-on-year, from less than CZK 8.5 billion to over CZK 26.5 billion.

the tragedy Lisa Miková, Holocaust survivor, dies aged 100

Holocaust survivor Lisa Miková, who was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, died Tuesday in the Hagibor social care home in Prague at the age of 100. Miková received the German Cross of Merit two years ago, awarded by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at the German Embassy in Prague for his contribution to reconciliation between Czechs and Germans and for passing on his memories to the younger generation.

June 26, 2022

Sports Petra Kvitová wins the Eastbourne International

Days before appearing at Wimbledon, Czech tennis star Petra Kvitová won the Eastbourne International tournament on Saturday, beating Latvian Jeļena Ostapenko in dominant fashion 6-3, 6-2. The win marks Kvitová’s 29th career title and first since winning the Qatar Open in Doha last March.

“I’m glad it worked out and we finally have a trophy from this season,” Kvitová told reporters after the win. “Last time I lost here in the final, but this time I’m happier. It was a tough match. I want to congratulate Jeļena, who also plays doubles in addition to singles.” Kvitová next faces Italy’s Jasmine Paolini on Tuesday at Wimbedon, seeking her third career title at the prestigious tournament.

Time High temperature warning issued for Monday afternoon

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute has issued a low-level warning for high temperatures for most of the Czech Republic tomorrow. Temperatures are expected to exceed 31 degrees Celsius; the warning is valid in Prague and most other parts of the country on Monday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

People living in affected areas are advised to limit outdoor activities tomorrow afternoon, drink plenty of water and avoid leaving children or pets in direct sunlight. In addition to the high temperature warning, a low intensity fire warning has also been issued in most parts of Moravia from 11:00 a.m. tomorrow until further notice.

Purchases Summer sales begin in Czech shopping centers

Shopping malls in the Czech Republic have started promoting summer sales, with discounts that traditionally last until mid-August. According to the director of Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, Lenka Čapková, the sales have been launched with announced discounts of up to 50%, and they will gradually increase to 80% off.

According to a survey by ČTK, interest in sales is expected to be higher than last year as shoppers are expected to be looking for discounts following high inflation. According to the Czech Statistical Office, year-on-year inflation rose 16% in May, with clothing prices up 22%.

Story The Czech Republic commemorates the victims of the communist regime

A day of remembrance for the victims of the communist regime falls on June 27 in the Czech Republic, with reverent events taking place across the Czech Republic. This morning in Prague, an event organized by the Association of Former Political Prisoners took place at the cemetery in Ďáblice. This afternoon, a ceremony will take place at the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad.

On June 27, 1950, lawyer and politician Milada Horáková, lawyer Oldřich Pecl, former National Security Corps staff guard Jan Buchal and historian Záviš Kalandra were executed by the communist regime as a result of a show trial. Their remains are believed to have ended up in a mass grave at the Motol Cemetery in Prague.

Culture Opening of the Museum of Alice Masaryk and the Czech Red Cross in Lány

A museum dedicated to Alice Garrigue Masaryk, daughter of Czechoslovakia’s first president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, opened to visitors this weekend in Lány. The museum is also dedicated to the history of the Czech Red Cross. Lány is the location of the Presidential Castle of the Czech Republic, where current President Miloš Zeman has resided for much of the past few years.

The new museum is in the same house that Alice Garrigue Masaryk had built by the Czech Red Cross during the First Republic; it has operated as a counseling center for mothers with children for over 60 years. An exhibit currently on display at the museum features furniture that belonged to Masaryk as well as historical equipment from the center.

June 25, 2022

Time Prague sees high water levels, isolated flooding after storms

Prague firefighters responded to more than 60 incidents related to last night’s severe thunderstorms, writes Prague firefighters on Twitter. Most of the incidents were related to basement flooding and falling trees. No injuries or evacuations were reported due to the storms.

According to the Czech Institute of Hydrometeorology, more than 100 millimeters of rain fell in Prague and other parts of Bohemia in the past 24 hours, causing water levels to rise in small streams and rivers in the region. region. A flash flood warning was issued on Saturday morning for Prague and the central and southern regions of Bohemia, but expired at noon.

Europe Paris mayor hands over to Prague ahead of EU presidency

Afaf Gabelotaud, deputy mayor of Paris, handed over to Prague mayor Zdeněk Hřib outside City Hall on Friday as a symbolic gesture before France hands over the EU presidency to the Czech Republic July 1. This weekend and next week, a number of events in Prague will mark the occasion.

Gabelotaud said Europe must act as a superpower and guarantor of peace and stability during the current extraordinary events. Hřib said Prague can learn from Paris in the areas of sustainability, managing public spaces and working with data. Prague and Paris have been cooperating since 1997.

Sports Czech tennis star Petra Kvitová is playing for the title at Eastbourne

Just two days before the start of this year’s Wimbledon tournament, Czech tennis star Petra Kvitová will play for the title at Eastbourne International. Kvitová will face defending champion and 2017 French Open winner Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia; their match starts at 1:30 p.m. Prague time.

Kvitová, seeded 14 at Eastbourne International, will play in her first final since last March, when she won the Qatar Open in Doha. Kvitová is aiming for her 29th title today, a record that includes wins at Wimbledon in 2011 and 2014. After the Eastbourne International, Kvitová will kick off this year’s Wimbledon tournament against Italy’s Jasmine Paolini tuesday.

Story Commemorative plaque of composer Pavel Haas installed in Brno

A commemorative plaque of composer Pavel Haas has been installed at his last address on Havlíčková street in Brno. Haas was transported by the Nazis to the Theresienstadt ghetto in December 1941 and eventually killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz in 1944 at the age of 45.

The plaque, made by Czech sculptor Jiří Plieštik, was commissioned by the current owners of the building. Haas came from a Jewish family based in Brno and was the brother of famous actor and director Hugo Haas. Unlike Pavel, Hugo managed to escape Czechoslovakia and became a character actor in Hollywood in the 1940s.

Policy Petr Pavel would beat Andrej Babiš in the presidential election, according to a new poll

Former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has the largest number of outright supporters heading into the next presidential election, but he would be beaten by General Petr Pavel in the second round of the election, according to a new STEM/MARK poll made in June.

Among the likely candidates for the next presidential election, which will take place no later than January next year, Babiš has the support of 20% of voters while Pavel has the support of 16%, according to the poll. In the second round of an election between these candidates, however, Pavel would get 49% of the vote and Babiš 32%.

Berta D. Wells