Czech composer wins third victory at UK Songwriting Contest

The title of Tomáš Kympl’s album Kernel Panic refers to a computer error from which the operating system cannot quickly or easily recover. It takes listeners into the world of digital technologies, which have become an intimate part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not.

Tomáš Kympl says this is his first venture into electronic music:

“I’ve been thinking about this genre for a while, but never had the time to devote myself to it. But thanks to the Covid, I had time to waste, so I decided to record this album. It was a spontaneous idea.

“In the album, I reflect the world we live in at the moment. With all the time we spend working from home, wifi is obviously part of our daily lives.

Tomáš Kympl, 46, studied composition, percussion and piano at the Prague Conservatory. He has written music for a number of Czech singers, as well as film soundtracks, operas and music for the stage.

He first won the UK Songwriting Contest in 2015 in the Open category with his composition Ave Maria. A year later, he succeeded in the Instrumental category with his composition New York.

Video by Tomas Kympl – WIFI – UKSC 2021 – WINNER

For the 2021 edition of the UK Songwriting Contest, Kympl has selected the song Wifi from their latest album, Kernel Panic. It was competing against nearly 10,000 entries from songwriters from 84 countries.

Kympl says succeeding in the third round competition means a lot to him:

“Of course it makes me happy, especially with this album which is completely different from what I’ve done so far. But above all, it gives me the opportunity to evaluate my work in a global context and that shows that I have chosen the right path.

“Selecting the track for the competition wasn’t easy, because my idea of ​​what might resonate with listeners might not be quite right. For that, it takes an outside look, something I don’t have as author.

The UK Songwriting Contest is one of the oldest international songwriting competitions in the world. It was launched in London in 2002 with the aim of discovering and nurturing new songwriting talent and promoting the craft of songwriting. Judges include top British producers and industry professionals, including Grammy, Emmy and BRIT Award winners.

Tomáš Kympl says he has already started working on a new album, called Red, which is due out this year. It should be a loose sequel to the previous LP, Kernel Panic, this time accompanied by vocals.

Berta D. Wells