Community Manager for the English speaking community of |

Who are we looking for?

A longtime video game enthusiast and noob like us! And it’s not just random recruiting talk. You’ll put it really well in your work to help us build our community (mostly on Discord), while still having plenty of room to invent activities and go wild with our users. If you can familiarize yourself with basic marketing concepts on top of that, it will be aces.

What are we doing?

We are developing voice game assistant which helps gamers win more in competitive games in a fun way directly in-game.

We are a community project, so we need you to be part of it, immersed in it. Play like them, watch the same streams and if you don’t know all the Peepo emoji yet, don’t worry, you will quickly understand them.

What will you be involved in?

Development of a “High ELO Buddy app” (AI voice assistant) to help you win and enjoy League of Legends (more titles to come later).

We mainly focus on analyzing the game and giving tips on how to improve accordingly.

In addition, we only work with information visible to all players in order to avoid “unfair advantages”.

We can tell if a player is doing well or not, so we work with him on his game in real time, and we are also there to support him or to make a joke to relax the atmosphere.

In addition to the basic voice pack, we will be recording famous streamers so their fans can play their favorite game with their idol as their trainer. We are also planning some general fun voice packs for relaxing unrated games like famous tv personalities, game characters, porn actress, and many more crazy stuff.
We also work with out-of-game data, like and others.

Who we are.

We are gamers who are developing an app for low and medium level gamers.

Our goal is to create a great in-game voice assistant that helps players win.

We are developing and testing the product with the community that we have built from the very beginning.

A sample of our product

We communicate with each other (and with the community) via our Discord:

What are you going to do?

“Play” League of Legends and possibly other games with our users. Get to know them, feel them and understand how the community works.

Offer activities and contests on our Discord, social networks and even offline to find their global connection.

Have fun with our users, understand them and recognize the different characters that appear in our community, and work with them based on their differences and what they want, from aspiring pros to bad 30-year-old boys.

Regularly research what interests our community and what content they would appreciate.

You will be part of our marketing team and be responsible for managing our social media.

Work closely with the whole company as we are a start-up, mainly with game development and design.

What are we looking for?

A minimum of 2 years with the same or a similar position.

Demonstrable experience in marketing.

Willingness to roll up its sleeves and get to work in a start-up with all its advantages and disadvantages.

A gamer who understands the culture of game streaming and knows the gaming community in general.

Someone who is empathetic, but not afraid of analytical and marketing thinking to understand the community and then build it.

Someone who won’t be content with “not great, but not great”, but who has the will and the desire to improve and develop the project in the long term.

Bonus points:

Know League of Legends and play it actively.

Know current memes, Discord and Twitch emojis, and trends in the gaming community.

Be more outgoing and be able to get along with anyone.

Have a desire to learn and a passion for the cause.

What do we offer?

The opportunity to work in the gaming industry.

The opportunity to contribute to the development of tools for gamers and the world of gaming.

Great autonomy and the possibility of evolving.

A young and ambitious team.

We have a senior team of mentors, advisors and experts who can be an asset to your career.

The possibility of working remotely.

Good salary and possibility of salary actions.

Offices on the market square in Prague.

Flexible working hours.

Berta D. Wells