Celebrate the second Colombian Week in Prague!

This summer, Prague will again dress in the colors of Colombia during the celebration of the 2nd Colombian week. It will take place from July 23 to August 06.

Various cultural, sports, gastronomic and other events will take place, which will introduce you to Colombian culture and traditions, and also introduce interesting personalities from the Colombian community living in the Czech Republic.

On July 26, you can admire a special series of drawings and paintings inspired by Colombian flora and a discussion on the traditional use of the coca leaf in Colombia. The traditional use of the coca leaf has nothing to do with cocaine and all the stereotypes associated with it.

On July 30, they are hosting a 2022 Colombian Party at the (A)VOID Floating Gallery. Live music from DJs and the Colombian band The Parranda.

August 2, at Cafe Dorado you can participate in a poetry reading of Julio Flórez, (Chiquinquirá, 1867-Usiacurí, 1923), a Colombian poet, the most popular of those of his time, romantic and late Becquerian. With a bohemian and adventurous temperament, he frequents the Symbolic Cave of Bogotá, a bohemian gathering of several artists.

Some of its pages have even been set to music, such as La Araña and Flores Negras, which had a great public impact, since it was appreciated by scholars and illiterates. His poems have been collected in several volumes: Hours (Bogotá, 1893), Thistles and Lilies (Caracas, 1905), Cesta de lotos, Manojo de zarzas y Fronda lírica (Madrid, 1908), Gotas de ajenjo (Barcelona, ​​1911), Oro and the Ebony (1943), but not all have been collected yet.

And you probably know that Colombian coffee is one of the best in the world, right?

That’s why on August 4, Dorado Specialty Coffee will host a free coffee workshop to share unique stories about their brand, their coffee, its production and its history. After that, you will be invited to taste their amazing products.

The next day, you can experience the journey of Colombian cocoa from bean to chocolate or cocoa powder in your cup. Learn how it transforms and all the magical history of cocoa with its mystical history since the times of the Mayans and the Aztecs.

On the last day of the festival, you can take part in the food festival in náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad and taste traditional Colombian cuisine: bandeja paisa, empanadas, arepas, tamales, aguapanela, mazorcada, aborrajados, chorizos and much more.

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Berta D. Wells