Associate Editor of | is looking for an Associate Editor to manage our daily workflow under the guidance of our Editor. The Associate Editor will be responsible for guiding stories from pitch to publication ensuring that all content – ​​stories, photos, social media posts – meet our editorial standards and growth metrics.

The Associate Editor will not only recognize and attribute stories that matter to the expat community living in Czechia, but also occasionally contribute to news coverage. The position involves assisting our team of writers with developing story ideas, maintaining a content and publishing schedule, researching images, managing proofreading and editing, and coordinating and publishing daily content.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the editor and editorial team to bring stories from pitch to publication, create and maintain a content planning schedule, keep staff on schedule, and assign and coordinate stories with freelance contributors and the staff.

  • Serve as quality control for AP style, clean copy and social first practices

  • Edit all daily news content on site and social media to ensure alignment with our platform driven strategy

  • Host a daily editorial meeting, keeping other team members on task, ensuring a consistent mix of content that aligns with our site’s categories

  • Occasional original reporting or writing news content as needed

  • Use performance data and publisher insights to inform editorial decisions and deliver data-backed content presentations to the team

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a proven track record of using creative storytelling to tell relevant and engaging stories about life in the Czech Republic.

  • Be a rigorous writer with excellent news judgment.

  • Have experience creating and editing content using original news stories or information aggregated from social media, press releases and articles from other news outlets.

  • Have the ability to use a conversational voice to help the public understand how certain issues and policies affect the lives of foreigners living in Czechia

  • Have at least 2 years of experience in a newsroom or day-to-day content environment, presenting, reporting and editing articles on time.

  • Experience in making good editorial decisions supported by performance data.

  • Have strong writing and fact-checking skills as well as the ability to read in Czech.

  • Be comfortable working in a daily cycle of fast-paced digital publishing news

  • Be comfortable with the AP style

  • Have strong project and time management skills

  • Ability to work collaboratively with team members

  • Be an excellent communicator

We offer:

Benefits of the position

home office
Mobile phone

Berta D. Wells