A professor at the University of Economics in Prague refuses to teach Russian students

Martin Dlouhý, a professor at the University of Economics in Prague, is refusing to teach any Russian students as he launches his ‘own sanctions against Russia’.

The representative of TOP 09, launched his own sanctions against Russia when he wrote on social networks that he refused to teach Russian students. He then deleted the post.

“For reasons of conscience and moral principles: I will not supervise Russian bachelor’s or master’s theses. I will not teach Russian students. I will not correct their tests,” he wrote on Facebook in a status that later disappeared.

Dlouhý admitted the authenticity of the statement, as well as the fact that he wrote it upset by the events of the night and morning in Ukraine. “I was upset in the morning and noted my emotional state,” he said, adding that he had a lot of Russian students. “No one has to worry about being kicked out of class,” he said in the afternoon.

He eventually deleted this status from Facebook after it started showing backlash. “They accused me of using collective guilt,” he said. But he didn’t want that, he said.

The President of TOP 09, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, and Prague TOP 09 President Jiří Pospíšil, also criticized him.

Dlouhý’s attitude was also condemned by the vice-president of the Academic Senate of the University of Economics and doctoral student Lukáš Hulínský. He plans to file a complaint with the school’s ethics committee.

“This behavior is definitely not in the academic realm, and it needs to be addressed. I have full confidence in the faculty leadership and am in touch with the Dean. So I think this will be primarily handled by the faculty, who in no way condones this behavior,” he said.

Berta D. Wells