A new app reveals the architectural history of Prague

A new app reveals the architectural history of Prague

Users can learn more about the construction and architects of buildings and monuments in the capital

Last week, the Institute of Planning and Development in Prague (IPR) unveiled an app with a detailed map of the historic center of the Czech capital. This map, according to the IPR, was drawn up following an architectural and urban analysis of the city’s monument reserve and contains all the information on its architectural history. If the IPR designed it to facilitate the maintenance of the monuments of the center by professionals, the plan will also benefit the inhabitants, tourists and students of the capital.

Covering an area of ​​895 hectares, the historic center of Prague occupies virtually the entire center of the city and is known as one of the largest monumental reserves in the world. The IPR’s interactive map (also known as the historic city center application) now allows professionals and the general public to better understand this territory.

Search by design, construction date or architect

The Historic City Center application is the first place where historical and current data about the territory and its buildings are collected and collated. You can find there everything you want to know about the monuments of the capital, by filtering the information according to what you are looking for.

Specifically, one can search for individual buildings based on their design, date of construction, and the architect who designed them. For this reason, the map is not only a good tool for professionals and tourists but also for those who study art history or architecture.

“The app is like a Wikipedia about Prague. Few cities have such a thorough knowledge of the monumental value of the houses that are on their territory. I am very happy that so much valuable information from the archives has been digitized and made accessible to everyone who loves Prague,” commented Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Monument Maintenance Adam Scheinherr.

To access the map, visit the IPR website.

Berta D. Wells