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Find the latest updates on the 26th General Conference of ICOM, which is currently taking place in Prague.

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Hilda Flavia Nakabuye an inspiring speech titled “Sustainability: Museums and Resilience” called for greater involvement of young people in museums to address these issues and take action, but also in the governance of ICOM.

“Museums are not just buildings, they are the roots of preserving our cultural heritage, and this place should be shared with the younger generation in a way that they understand. […] Young people must be actively involved in ICOM’s activities and decision-making processes, young people must be included if we are to achieve sustainability”

August 22


ICOM mentoring session : the professional fields studied will be conservation and preservation, education and mediation, leadership and management of museums, communication and marketing and conservation and collection


ICOM Solidarity projects focus on the challenges museums are facing during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular the resilience of museums and how they have adapted to the new situation. This session was an opportunity to share the results of several projects that received financial support from the ICOM Solidarity initiative in 2021.

“Our right to be and to live is our right to dream” from the project The noises that we are: the sound heritage of the Andes
By ICOM Ecuador, with CECA, ICOM Bolivia, ICOM Uruguay, ICOM El Salvador

Find out more about ICOM Solidarity projects

The Museum Fair and the Exhibition Forum are now open. The Fair brings together museums and businesses to showcase inspiring exhibits and cutting-edge technology, providing a unique opportunity for the global audience of heritage and museum experts to discover new ideas and groundbreaking solutions.

Following the framework of museums and civil society, the third session had a round table with presentations by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (POLIN Museum ICMEMO, vice-president of ICOM USA), Kateryna Chuyeva (vice-minister of culture and Information Policy of Ukraine), Nisay Hong (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, ICOM Cambodia) and Jasminko Halilovic (War Childhood Museum Foundation), who honored the platform by bringing to the attention of the participants four situations worldwide.

“Museums are about people, standing with people and for people” – Kateryna Chuyeva

Margarita Reyes Suarez opening speech on Subject: Museums and civil society

“We began to represent the great cultural diversity of our country (…) with the creation of collective museums to be built in collaboration with the communities. (…). Let us use the spaces of the museum to take them into consideration and finally listen to them. Naming the unspeakable and making the invisible visible.

Margarita Reyes Suárez is an anthropologist and museologist with more than 30 years of experience in developing participatory projects for Colombian museums and heritage sites.

With speeches by representatives of ICOM Prague 2022 and a special performance of Czech folk music and dance, the opening ceremony in the hall of the Prague Congress Center kicked off the 26e ICOM General Conference.

Welcome to ICOM Prague 2022! The international museum community is coming together this week in Prague and online to celebrate, explore and unleash the power of museums. More than 3,000 museum professionals will delve into the most pressing issues of the global museum sector, participating in 140 sessions, panels, workshops and parallel conferences. ICOM Prague 2022 will also be a unique opportunity to discover the dynamic cultural landscape of the Czech capital.

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ICOM Prague 2022

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